Obituary: Mary Hicks

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Mary Hicks

MARY Hicks, retired post office and shop worker, died at Grantham Hospital, aged 98.

She was the daughter of Bill and Fanny Alan and was a member of St George’s Church, Stamford; Over 60s Club, where she was the leader and the Salvation Army.

Her hobbies included reading and knitting.

Widow of Ernest, she leaves her children Sandra, Suzanne, Marilyn and Beverley. Her son Peter died 13 years ago.

The funeral service took place at St George’s Church, Stamford, the Rev David Maylor officiating, John Chambers was organist. Interment at Marholm Crematorium followed. Donations of £211 were made to the Evergreen Care Trust.

Family mourners included: Sandra and Kevin Whittle, Susanne Shaw, Pat Hicks, David Mabbutt, Marilyn and Stephen and Mellissa Exton, Beverly and Mac MacPherson, Rebecca (representing Iaian), Stephen, Lynda, Calvin and Hayley Whittle, Sally Andrew, Charlotte and Jodie Drummond, Suzanne, Stephen and Scott Holland (Jordan), Lisa, Stewart and Connor North (Lewis), Leanne Colin, Jake and Ebony Waldren, Toni, Martin, Emily and Katie Woods, Sadie Patell, Rob Braint, Margaret Dawney.

Sympathisers included: John Hicks (Gillian Hicks and family, Stephen Hicks and family, Janet and Steve Fisk and family), Linda Bradberry, Neil Elliott and family, Kevin Elliott, Carol Mashford, Kevin Elliott, Janice Elliott, Ann Britten (Len Britten and family), Margery McDonald and family, Margaret Baines (Ken Baines), Mr and Mrs J Hill, Ruth Brown (Bob Brown), Magaret Chirico (Pino Chirico), Jim and Joyce Klincke, Barry Mills (Diane and Simon Mills), June Headley, Lily Battye, Jean Wilson (Verity), Connie Couzens, Syd and Millie Crook, Veronica Thurlby (Stamford Day Centre staff and service users), Mr Brian Middleton and family, Morris Downs, Mr T Middleton and family, Val Cornwall (Tim, Craig and Tayla), Lucinda Studd (Chris and Liberty), Jackie Moss (Malc, Sean and Simon), Pamela Clark (Pat Grantham, Carol Peill, Carol Davies), Miss June Kettle (Vic Baker, Sandra Baker, Brian Appleyard), Alan Wyman (Moira Dolby), Peg McHugh, Kath Leaman, Carmel Seamer, Mr and Mrs R Whittle (Julie, Karen and Deborah), Joy Mellor, Gwen Dalrymple and Colin Barnes (Edmonds Close Social Club), George Marriott (Salvation Army, Stamford), Winnie Conneely, Bridget Hares, Barbara Hayre, Mavis Sharpe, Sara Townson (Kevin and family), Ronald Baker, Marian Manger (John, Rennie Simpson), Ken, Cath Wootton, Magaret Lodwick, John and Nancy Garven, Dot Borthwick, Mrs J Bagley (Mr M Bagley), Sue Bradford (Sandra Raymond), Anita Trowell, Sylvia Clayton (St George’s Church), Jennie Burnett (Mr Steve Burnett), Kath Egan (Emlyns Gardens), Linda Haycox, Nicola Dunlein and Gilly and Lesley (Evergreen Care Trust), Elma Wright, Mrs Dorothy Wisdom (Mrs Doris Roughton), Betty Larder (Hillary Close), Don Woodhouse, Sandra Woodhouse, Kath Heyden Dale, Reg and Irene Hare, Mr John Atkinson.