Obituary: Michael Clipsham

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Michael Clipsham

MICHAEL Clipsham, of Cappitt Drive, Northorpe, Bourne, died at Thorpe Hall, Peterborough, aged 64.

He was the son of Mrs L Clipsham, and was educated at Fane School, Stamford; Stoke-on-Trent; Loughborough University and while working for Williamson Cliff, Stamford, gained a chemistry degree by studying on day-release.

He worked for Williamson Cliff as an industrial chemist before becoming a PGCE school teacher at Walton Comprehensive, Peterborough, and then a youth worker in Stamford, working for Lincolnshire County Council for 34 years.

His interests included the YMCA and Teenzone.

He leaves his widow Theresa and sons Matthew and Mark.

The funeral took place at Marholm Crematorium.

Family mourners included: Theresa Clipsham, Matthew and Mark Clipsham, Hazel and Charlie Bennett, Jade Osborne, Daniel Taylor, Julie Simmons, Christopher Simmons, Peter and Caroline Simmons, Jaqueline Laughton.

Sympathisers included: Trisha, Mr and Mrs D Dudley, Mr and Mrs H Simmons, Mr and Mrs T Seymour, Miss L Creedon, Mr R Whitehead, Mr and Mrs R Beck, Amanda Dunn, Mr P Ians, C Wilson, Gibson family, Mr and Mrs Spooncer, Rev Bob and Mrs Mackrill, Rev Jane Calderin, Denise Collins, Emily Turner, Anna Demagalski, Vicky Middleton, Jessie Schein, Lauren Rigby, Amy Rigby, Popsie Bongall, Ali Rigby, Patrick and Frances Lingard, Joan and Paul Vine, Mr and Mrs L Sillis, Alan and Linda Fiddes, John Cappitt, Kirsten James, Stephen Sweeny, Andrew and Mel Smith, Margaret Jackson, Susan and Michael Hibbins, Andrew and June Hallam, Janice Metheringham, J Such, M Such, Jean and Peter Steels, Donna Downs, Jenny Wright, Sally Woods, Cathy Pregram, Maureen and Paul Green, Jacqui Tapper, Andy Sharp, Rowena Haywood, Nick Jordan, Doris Burley, Mark Southwood, Ann De’Camps, Christine Gadd, Mike Horner, and many more friends and colleagues.