Obituary: Nancy Merry

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The funeral of Nancy Merry, of Main Street, Greetham, took place at St Mary’s Church, Greetham, Diane Creasey officiating. Peter Hitchcox was organist.

Daughter of Charles and Annie Wilson, Nancy was born in Doncaster and spent her childhood with her parents living in Kirk Sandal. She and was educated at Thorne Grammar School.

Sadly her mother died when she was 14. At the age of 18 she moved to London and trained at Battersea Polytechnic as a domestic science teacher.

These were difficult times in London and Nancy lived through the worst of the Blitz. She lived on the edge of Clapham Common where there were several anti-aircraft emplacements and on one occasion she remembered cheering one of the crews who thought they had shot down an enemy plane, only to find they had shot down the first doodlebug to be launched against London.

On qualifying as a teacher she was offered a job at Cottesmore Central School and cycled from Doncaster to take up her position.

It was here she met Kath, which was the start of a remarkable and enduring friendship. After a while, having lodged in various places, she moved in with Kath’s family in Greetham, The two of them would cycle to work together and later were joined each morning by George Merry, as he went shepherding.

Kath would cycle ahead while George and Nancy lagged behind, chatting together all the way to Cottesmore.

The romance flourished and in October, 1949, Nancy embraced the role of becoming a farmer’s wife which she proved to be ideally suited. Nancy loved her life as a devoted wife and loving, patient and caring mother to John and Mary, and when grandchildren, and a great grandchild came along she was thrilled.

Nancy never lost her skills with a needle and was a gifted dressmaker, always making something stylish and trying new crafts. She loved dancing, holidays and travel and in later years she and Kath took great delight in travelling to Europe together.

Widow of George, she leaves her son John and daughter Mary and their families.

Family mourners included: John Merry, Mary Merry, Jennifer and James Stone, Kim Merry, Joann Merry, Josh and Debbie Grenville, Elaine Walsh, John Lewin.

Sympathisers included: Alex Gleadow, Ruth Craigie, Jim Hempstock, Carola Ewald, Jenny Bakewell, Peter Graczyk, Kris and Graham Stannard, Dot and Chris O’Brien (representing Sally and Joel), Jo-ann Semple (Rob, Emily, Guy), Paul Grenville (Mary Smith), David and Elaine Tidd, Robin Tidd, Peter and Clare Hitchcox (Timothy and Oliver), Brian Kenworthy (Pat Kenworthy), Pat Turner (David Turner), Chris Parkin and family, Peggie Butcher (Jessie Evison), John Kirby (Brian, Alison and Dawn), Pamela Bell (Barry and Ken, Linda Edward), Carole Stafford (J & M Chapman, Bryan and family, Beryl and John Sellars), Edwin, Audrey, Wilfred and Gerald Bothwell (families).

Audrey Bothwell (Shirley Smith, Margaret Townsend, Heather Cowper), Paul Sellars, Mr N Aitken, Linda King (Terry King), Roger and Sandy Begy (Greetham Parish Council), Eileen Hodgkin (Pat Sharratt), Maurice and Jane Rippin, Bob Salmon (Felicity Salmon, Marigold Lamin), Jill Yarr, Home Care Rutland Social Enterprise (Michelle Duffin), Jade Houston, Henry Hempstock (Kathleen Alderwood), Shelly Strain, Gillie Loft, Tom and 
Hazel Slater (Simon Slater), Colin Easson (Mary Easson, Hazel and Frank Hinch), David Bland, Sheila Bland and family, Mr and Mrs Crowden, Yvonne Smith (Pam Sharpe), Clarence and Betty Bell.