Obituary: Norman Halliday

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Norman Halliday

THE funeral of Norman Halliday, of Brooke Road, Oakham, took place at All Saints’ Church, Oakham, the Rev Bob Mackrill officiating. Interment followed at Grantham Crematorium.

Mr Halliday died at his home, aged 87.

A plasterer by trade, he worked up to the age of 86 as a cleaner for G B Welding.

During the war he served with the Army. He was a member of RAOB and enjoyed gardening.

Widower of Margaret and Barbara Halliday, he leaves his children Linda, Stephen, Norman and Gary.

Mourners included: Linda and Tony Parsons, Norman Halliday, Stephen and Julie Halliday, Gary Halliday, Simon Harper, Graham, Rose, Abbie, Laurie-Beth, Bradley and Charlie-Leigh Parsons, Scott, Michelle, Tom and Jack Parsons, Rachel and Munroe Haggarty, Adam Parsons, Simone and Phil, Sulina and Adam, Sarah Halliday, James Bellfield, Matthew Halliday, Joyce Halliday, Barbara, Fraser, Lewis Farren, David Halliday, Karen Clarke, Julie, Amy and Rebecca Halliday, May, Jane and Robert Halliday, Tracey Halliday, Stewart King, Peter and Sharon Halliday, Brian, Michael and Julie Langston, John and Wendy East.

Derek and Kathy Taylor, Robert Taylor, Roy and Gill Taylor, Denis O’Leary, Geordie Cameron, Pauline O’Leary, Marjorie Kemp, Muriel Mamos, Winnie Kray, Michael Gardiner and boys, Marjorie Lombard, Grace Rawlings, Ruth Harrison, John Harrison, Helen Skuse, Michael Skuse, Margaret Bland, Bob Burton, Steve Moore, Barbara Moore, Bill and Isabel Duell, John and Marge Parsons, Robert and Sylvia Parsons, B Anderson, B Frake, D Bailey, RAOB Catmose Lodge, Robert Tooke, Kelly Tooke and family, Alf Smith, Linda Wink, Michael Smith, Chris Dowding, A Finch, Chris Coles, Reg, Sheila Wadsworth, Sally-Anne Wadsworth, Steve Bailey, Rebecca Tilson, Millie Bailey.

Louise Harvey, Mr and Mrs A Shields, Mr S Harvey and family, Kieron Durrance, Alan Roythorne, Claire Perkins, Nick Dalby, Ralph Moore, Stephen and Pete Moore, Gerry and Alison Burton, G B Weldon, Sam Latham, Alan Latham, Mark Coburn, Liz Burton, Richard Gregg, Carl Tooke, Lou and Carol Auciello, Alison Clarke, Michael Clarke, Sam Frost, Cindy Jacks, John and Jackie Gregory, F Ellis, Steven Nicholl, Ian Bateman, Peter Danes, Gordon and May Perry, Aubrey and Sylvia Minckley, Bob and Judy Bruce, Betty Neal, Norman Bennett, Bob and Hazel Spencer, Jayne, Michael, Emma and Liam O’Brien, Brian and Irene Smith, Janet Brackenbury, Brian Anderson.

John Underwood, Jackie Underwood, Mick and May Cutforth, Bob and Carole Gregg, Tony and Lydia Wilson, Pat and Tom Newham, Lil, Carrie and Scott, Pauline and Haydn Crew, Malcolm, Trisha, Carly and Luke Palmer, Kevin Caffrey, Sue and Mervyn Cliffe.

Stan and Joyce Palmer, Trevor and Brenda Palmer, Barry Palmer and family, Lou Smith, Graham Smith, Tina Smith, Peter Williamson, Miss D Williamson, Adrian Salt and family, A Rawlings, Mrs Y Rawlings, Mrs E Neal, Denis Proudman, Patricia Proudman, Mrs Joyce Green, Tony and Mary Wroe.