Obituary: Patricia Bealby

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Patricia Bealby

WELL-KNOWN local farmer, Patricia Bealby, of Gainsborough Road, Uppingham, died at Kettering General Hospital, aged 70.

The eldest of three children born to Charles and Catherine Wakerley, she attended the village primary school in Hambleton along with her brothers Henry and Stephen and was a keen farmer from an early age. Pat went on to attend Melton Mowbray Convent School and at the age of 16 joined Oakham Young Farmers Club, later becoming the club secretary.

At the age of 21, she left home to work on a farm in Buckinghamshire, looking after a herd of Guernsey cows. She then moved to Abbots Langley in Hertfordshire to work on the Ovaltine Dairy Model Farm. In 1966 she married Aubrey and settled in Burley and her son, Timothy, was born a year later. She moved to Lyddington with her family in 1976 and following her divorce from Aubrey, in 1994 she moved to Uppingham.

Her greatest love was the countryside and her animals and farm in Lyddington. She was a talented artist and loved to paint animals and countryside scenes around Lyddington. She also enjoyed upholstering.

She was an active member of Lyddington Church, the WI and Farm Women’s Club, and regularly showed at Uppingham Fatstock Show and Blaston Show, winning many champion cups and rosettes.

Pat was a local character and will be much missed by her family and many friends.

She leaves her son Timothy.

The funeral service took place at St Andrew’s Church, Lyddington, the Rev Jane Baxter officiating. Mr Ioan Jones was organist.

Family mourners included: Timothy Bealby and Carole, Henry Wakerley and Linda (representing Stephen and Janet Wakerley and family of New Zealand, Jo and Colin Hume and Janet Dosser). David Wakerley, Daphne and David Mountenay, Ms Jan Wakerley.

Sympathisers included: Leonard Bird, Malcolm Mair, Rosemary Harris, Sid Allsopp, Philip and Pat Joyce (Joyce and Cutler families, Farm Women’s Club), Kay and David Raitt, Janet Scott (Stephen, Edward and Helen), Jenny Clarke (Mrs Janet Callen, Mrs M Marsh, Paul Faulkener and family, Mr and Mrs B Myerscough), Richard (Richards Hair Studios), Eddie Hunt, Elaine Boyd, Mary Holmes, Martin and Betty Clarke, Tony Fearn, Janet Fearn, Carole Jones (Fred Jones), K Austin, Patricia Austin, Bob Bakewell (Pam Bakewell), Daphne Robinson (Peter Robinson), Joe and Brenda Ball, Sir Clifford and Lady Boulton, Rosemary and Charles Netscher, Pat Oakley (John Oakley), Jennifer and Jeremy Rider (Janet Bianci), Jim Smith (Clemmie Smith), Maria Hickinbotham (Rachel, Anna, Charlie, Francie and Millie), Bill Mason (Kim and Barbara Mason), Tony and Carol Hamilton, Ken and Jennifer Williamson (Dawn and Bobbie Watt), Roger Porter (Sue Porter, Megan and David), John and Susan Mawby (Sara and Karie), Joan Whittle (Lyddington WI), Chris Stanton, Aileen Ward, Wendy Harnett (Ray and Rose Richardson), Roger and Theresa Edwards, Deborah Stuart (Adam, Tim and Harry Stuart, Annich Macintosh), Mary Fairbairn, Betty Tyler (Rutland Farm Women’s Club), Charles and Harriet Tassell, Susanne and Mike Thorne (Hector and Basil), Roger Hickinbotham, Mark Hives (family), Mary Davidson, Sally and Richard Allen (Sally, Richard, Ben and Sam Allen), Michael and Elaine Exton, Janet Ingram (Mrs Potter), Jane Wright (Paul and Gill Green), Sue Johnson (Philip and family), Pauline Collins (Jim Collins, Phil and Sue Houghton), David and Julia Rees (Rebecca and Mark Williams), Dorothy Holland (Barry Holland), May Lammie (Andrew and Mark Lammie), Margaret Parker (Charlie Parker), Robin and Diana Sellick, Andrew and Grania Brock, Ian Barrow, John and Joan Fletcher (David, Coral, Cameron and Charlotte Fletcher, Richard, Rachael and Grace Fletcher), Brenda Piper, David Piper, Wendy Marsh, Anne Kelly, Elaine Ainge, Margaret Towl (Sarah, Richard and Duncan Burton), Noel Sharp (Dorothy), Jim and Jill Freeman, Antony Duncan (Pete Duncan), Fiona Dale, Dave and Cath Corbet (Syd and Margaret Corbet), Julia Dent (David Brown), Raymond and Eunice Hill, Jane Vickery (David Vickery), Aubrey Bealby, Jim and June Bradshaw, Rev Bernard and Margaret Taylor, Ioan and Joy Jones (family), Caroline Mann, Janet and John Locke, Philip Robinson, Lesley Millington (Neil, Joanna, Katie and James, Tanya Teasdale-Brown), John and Christine Westwood, John and Danny Parker, Beth Gough, John and Ann Williams, Julia and Raymond Blake, Gerald and Lilian Clarke (Frank Beeby), Ian and Rosemary Canadine, Joanna Pace (Rebecca Le Maistre).

Derek Pace, Emma Dunne and Agnes, Gill Todd (Bill Todd, Hilary Crowden), Freddie and Brenda Beaver, Fiona Mair (Peter Dawkins), Robin Rowland (Andrew and Carol Rowland), Celia Fulton, Pauline Kirby, Bridget Measurers (family), Tony Wright, Topsy Hughes, Anne Lawson (Peter Lawson), David and Brenda Couldwell, Barbara and Bart Taylor-Harris, Robert Wills (Carol Wills), Peter Wright and Rob Halliday (Jim Wright, Jo Rowley, Mr and Mrs A Spademan, Mr and Mrs J Booth, Bob and Jane Jeffs), Andrew Wright Denize Wright), Keith and Pam Ormrod (Holly and David Ormrod, Stebbings and Robert Ormrod), Malcolm and Pauline Strangeway, Chris and Christina White (Isobel White), Charles and Tricia Richardson (Uppingham Christmas Fatstock Show), Teresa, Harriet and Adam Irwin (Paul Irwin), Anne Scott (Charlie and Sue Scott), Peter Glensmark, Amanda Biggs, Peter and Val Hems (Tim Hems, Fred, Flo, Paul and Stephen Evans and families), Bill and Tricia Jolly (Rod Marshall), Roger Jackson, John Griffin (Mary and family, Jill and George Brewster), Andrew and Barbara Northen (Alan and Debbie Little, Alan and Elaine Griffin), Brian and Pam Stokes, Jeff Bellamy, Peter and Christine Marron.