Obituary: Peggy Morrison

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Peggy Morrison

PEGGY Morrison, of Gladstone Street, Bourne, died at the Cedars Nursing Home, Bourne, aged 89. The funeral service took place at Bourne Abbey Church, Father Chris Atkinson officiating, interment followed at Bourne Cemetery.

Peggy was the eldest daughter of George and Nellie Swain and lived and worked in Bourne all her life. Many people will remember her when she worked at Bourne Health Centre, where she worked for 15 years, retiring reluctantly at the age of 70.

On her retirement she became involved in many local clubs including Bourne Flower and Garden Clubs; women’s section of the British Legion and Bourne Twinning Association. She was also an avid helper at the Monday Luncheon Club. Peggy loved to get involved in Nellie Sanders’ fundraising lunches, where she was known as the ‘raffle queen’. Peggy quietly did her own charity work all her life, helping anyone who was in need.

Family mourners included: Jean and Bill Thornton (sister), Jan and Alan Cocks (representing Elsie Swain), Louise Cocks (Stacy, Josh, Maddie), Emma Cocks (Paul, Jack and Jess), Barbara and Ollie Sommerfield, Vicky Cunnington, Mandy and Martin O’Connor, Matthew O’Connor (Faye, Martha and Elliott), Alison Ryde (Nick and Florence), David, Sue and Damon (Kerrie and Kara), Daphne Brown.

Sympathisers included: Laura Brooks, Merryn Woodland (Peter Woodland), Mollie Manderfield, Joan Smith (British Legion), Shirley Fairbairn (Royal British Legion women’s section), Molly Perkins (Mr G Perkins, Mrs J Delaine-Smith), Pat and Tony Reeson (Vanessa Gammons, Nyna Walton), Daphne Blackman, Joan Hubbard (Jennifer, Charlotte, Hal, Jemima, Tabitha and Ned), Carole Machin, Linda Robinson (Barbara Holloway), Ceri and Dudley Guppy, Sandra Brown (Wayne Brown), Ann Woodward, Mr and Mrs T Baldwin, John and Judy Smith (David and Helen Smith, Jim and Betty James, Viv and Tony Wilson, Mr and Mrs Raven, Mr and Mrs Ted Kelby, Marjorie Spencer), Mrs N Bloodworth (Mr Peter Bloodworth), Yvonne McAllen (family), Jane, David and Zoe Nobbs (Eileen Stoker and family), Bert and Barbara Robinson, Bertha Hilless (Mr and Mrs John Clingo, Pat Robinson), Evelyn Allen (Kath Ewles, Joan Willat), Janet Stubbs (Audrey Durno, Bourne Garden Club), Mrs B Clarkson, Doreen Spencer-Henderson (Bourne Twinning), Joyce Turner (Bourne Twinning Association), Helen Brewster and Maureen Hasbury (The Cedars), George Broughton (Gillian Broughton), Pam and Dennis Fitzjohn (Anita Chipperfield, Mr and Mrs Horsman), Dorothy Gelsthorpe, Carol Atkins (Bourne Twinning Association), Marjorie Sellars (Maisie Sellars), Lesley Patrick (family, Bourne Twinning Association, Corinne Rodgers), Sadie and Ivan Hall (family), Jennie Burrell (Ruby Creasey, Joe and Betty Sharp), Jean Millar, Anne Harding, Julie Smith (Mags Avis), Dr and Mrs M McGregor (Friends of Butterfield), Dick Salmon (Michael Salmon), Mr B Salmon (family), Tamsin Cunningham (Elizabeth), Angela Higgs, Susan Redshaw, David and Pauline Exton, Mr C Bladon (Mr T Bladon, Fiona Bladon), Mavis Wright (Jennifer Wright, Mr and Mrs Roy Miller), Mary Harby (Barbara Antcliffe), Sheila Stubley (Greensmith family), John and Marlene Banks, Teresa Dunthorne (Tony Dunthorne), Barbara Coleman (Ron and Celia Watson), Petronella Sanders (Frank Sanders), Pat Barlow, Barbara Johnson, June Sedwill, Carole Titley (Maryse Brown, Sue Pesket, Ann Northen, Janet Turner, Bourne Flower Club), Mary Jacobs, Susan Hartley, Graham Luesby, Tina Brace, John and Margaret McGregor, Marie and Fred Whiten (Mr and Mrs R Coutts, Mrs F Dodds), Sue Luesby (Dave and Paul Luesby), Cynthia Penhey (Bourne and District Flower Club), Mary Lister, Brenda and Dennis Read (Kenneth Parker), Allison Johns (Williams Johns), Susan Walton (Roy Walton), David and Sheila Jackson (family), Edwina Richards, Alison and Philip Pettitt (Monday Lunch Club), Arthur Lightfoot, Mr W Normington (Margaret Normington), Mr and Mrs J Palmer (Palmers).