Obituary: Raymond Skellett

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Raymond Skellett

THE funeral service for Raymond (Muffin) Skellett, of Wheatlands Close, Ketton, took place at St Mary’s Church, Ketton, the Rev Andrew Rayment officiating. Donations were made to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Mr Skellett died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 43.

Son of Eileen Miller and the late Norman Skellett, he was educated at Ketton Primary School and Casterton Business and Enterprise College.

A HGV lorry driver, he was a keen supporter of Liverpool Football Club and Ketton Junior Football Club. His hobbies and interests included football, golf, rugby, fishing and motorbikes.

Bereaved are his widow Karen and children Lee, Heidi and Charlie.

Family mourners included: Karen Skellett, Lee Skellett, Kayleigh Nicholaou, Heidi Skellett, Ben Jones, Charlie Skellett, Eileen and Dusty Miller, Christine, Mick and Jack Ford, Gary, Rachael, Sarah-Jayne, Gareth and Sam Skellett, Edward and Victoria Broome (representing Dylan and Sophie), Tom and Ursula Harrison, Tom and Sally Harrison, Barbara Barnes (Sharon and Darren), Rosie and Steve Grose (Linda, Andy, Paul and John Pearson), Mark and Tina Harrison, Andrew, Amanda and Tia Harrison (Lexi), Julia and Sean Fountain, Terry and Lesley Bullen, Richard and Yvonne Bullen (family), Kevin and Tina (family), Nigel and Toni Marie (family), Helen and Richard Franks (family), Maria Bullen.

Sympathisers included: Martin and Sarah Ford (Paul, Alison Ford, Sheffield and Ford), Derek and Jean Black, Mrs P Smith (Johnathan and family), Simon and Caroline Smith, Norman Bull, June Moncaster, Tony and Liam Palmer (Sandra Palmer), Bette and Tony Rosling, Freda Dunleavy, Don McLellan, Terry Rawlings (Elaine Ward), Gary and Carol Rickett, Margaret Palmer, Angela and Des Fedasch (Pip and Rita Skellett), Andrea Lilley, Neil Pollard (Sam Taylor and boys), Jennifer and Tony Lilley, Martin family (Julia Skellett and family), Min and John Howard, David Fountain, Pat and John Fountain and Anita Fountain (Sandra and Tony Preston and family), Simon and Teresa Fountain (Alan and Lewis Fountain), Alan Smith (Jan Smith), Mick Cunnington (Joanne Cunnington, David Martin, Monty Andrew), Jane Davies (Ray Davies, Peter Walpole), Steve Andrews (Jon and Becky Morley), Martin and Jane Conneely (Peter and Lee Conneely), Jeannie Dykes, district nurse; Caroline Barrett, Mark White, Lisa Johnson (Outreach team, Grantham), Paula Jesson (Nobby), France Mears (Andrew, Stacey, Gemma, Jamie), Tracy Porter (Rob Porter, Barnack Baptist Church), Karen Dunn (Graham Dunn, minister Barnack Baptist Church), Julie Stanton (Barnack Baptist Church), Chris, Elaine and Jack Parker (Andy Parker), Roy and Ann Sidstaff (Don Ward), Karen Thomas and Colin Moncaster (Arthur, Stephen, Karen Berry), Mark Jackson (Rachel Siddons, Gillian Jackson), Kia Goodwin, Jordan Goodwin, Shelly Arden, Tom Goodwin, Sylvia Yeowart (John Yeowart, Sue and Simon Rodgers, Steph and Charles Harrison), Alan and Carron Chamberlain (Scott Chamberlain), Jackie, Paul Wass, Joe Morley, Leon Wass (Sam Morley, Jordan and Kyra Wass), Lynn and Ollie Clowes, Paul, Lisa, Jack, Callum Truscott (Dale Russon and family), Christine Crawford (Jacqueline Crawford, Andy Parker), Josie Flynn, Jane Paper, Steve Wright, Jo Wright, Josh, Jack and Holly (Pauline Wright and Steve Couzens), Tony and Beth Pridmore (Pridmores Haulage), Nick Pearce, Bruce Milligan (Emma Milligan), R Pumpr and family,

Andrew Gutteridge (family), Adam Dale (Lee Dale, Andy and Gina Gray), Mick, Enid and Danny Groom (Lauren Groom), Angela Burrows and family (Mr and Mrs R Burrows, Mr and Mrs P Young and family), John and Joyce Bird (Ketton Sports Association), Nikki McRoberts, Robin Frith, Pam and Jack (Gary and Emily Palfreyman), Denise Bodie, Steve, Neal and Fay (Richard Lattimore, Kings Cliffe Football Club), Cheryl and Carl Burrows (Derek, Tracy Burrows), Mrs Pat Groom (Mrs M Pridmore), Alan and Hazel Bradshaw and family (Mrs J Gray and family, Ketton CE Primary School), Lorna Underwood (Scott and Lee Underwood), Alan and Lyn Pearce, Steve and Karen Pearce (Naomi, Kian, Peter and Carol Nottingham), Bob and Louise Howe and Jacob Howe (Jessica Howe), Terry Pridmore, Nigel Reedie (Karen, James and Simon), Jim Bontoft, Robert Bontoft, Tracey Dunsthorne and Richard Gutteridge (Steve Desmond and Bruce Couzins), Barry and Christine Higgins (W H Higgins and Sons), Marian Freeman, Roy Prentice (Eric Prentice), Peter Bisseker (St Mary’s Church), Keith and Dianne Altham (Eric and Karen Norton, Steve Green), Philip and Anita Altham, Paul and Donna Altham, Scott Holland (family), Derrick Marjoram , Dennis and Joan Simpson, Al and Di Horner, Mick and Carol Bates, Graham and Lynn Hulme, Philip Andrew, Mark Bird and Louise Dignam (Megan, Hannah, Penny and Ian Halsal), Gary Frost and Jo Blaik (Lewis, Elliot and Alfie), Kersty Frost, Darren Kennelly, Ezra Halsal, Julie Halsal (Luke and Stacy Miley), Sooty and Teresa Pearce, David Altham (Ollie, Stephanie Altham), Andrea Neil, Nathan and Caitlin Dawkins, Dave Stocker, Trudy Stocker and James (Dave, Jake Smith, Ketton U14), Katherine Mortimore and Lindsey Coulston (Melissa Mortimore, Danny Coulston), Wayne Turner, Christine Tilley, Mel Harrison (Pat Harrison, Mr and Mrs H Harrison and family, Christine Sharman), James Betts (Bev, Steve and Calum Betts), Geoff and Pam Bull and family), Josie and John Smith (Lisa and Nick Smith), Gertie Ford (Alex Ford), Pete and Mary Wilkinson, Steve and Marie Buss, Bev and Martin Broome, Nigel Broughton, Ann Hewitt, Anne, Paul and Luke Saker.

Mr D Walpole (Mr J Walpole), David Bird (Karen and family), Steve Bird (Carla and Sidney Bird), Colin and Christine Hill (Darren Sanders, Brian Grant, Albert Julian), Polly and Geoff Claxton (Mark and David Claxton), Garreth Smith (Louisa Knobbs), Kevin Cox (C S Ellis Group Ltd), David Moncaster (Rachael and family), Geoff Burgoin (Susan Burgoin), Michell Tasker (Simon and Mark Mansbridge), Rodney and Marina Reynolds (family), Bobby, Davina and family, Phil Burrows (Millie Burrows and family), Mark and Sally Simon (Hannah and George), Ted and Melanie Colston, Mr G Tyler (Mrs L Tyler), Derek Burrows (Duncan Burrows).

David Macca McDonald (Ketton Cricket Club), Dave and Hannah McDonald, Darren, Jackie and Ivan Towell, Tom Mann, Joe Morley, Dan Carr, Leon Wass (Jon, Becky and Sam Morely), Ghislaine, Reece and Leo Chandler (family), Anne McQuiston (family), Janet Couzens (Colin Couzens), Alice Mitchell (Charlie Mitchell, Sharon and Mark Ellis), Chris, Sue Birch and Alex Birch (Craig and Sarah Mann and family), May and Charles Walker (family), Craig Wood, Tom, Val Arlow and family, Kirsty Mee, Adam Mee, Amanda and Callie Whelton (family), Tracy Mee (Dolly Mee), Chloe Richardson (Nicola Richardson), Julie and Kirsty Cooper (Chris and Christopher Cooper), June Nicholls (Debbie and Amanda Nicholls), Neil and Gwen Buddle (Carl Buddle, Theresa Kennington), Paul and Jo Simms (Danny Simms), Mrs Karen Tyler (Adrian boys), Mrs Susan Halsal (Neil, Ian and Penny Halsal), B Thompson, Peter Shakeshaft (Laura and Ketton Cricket Club), Carl Giddings (Helen, Wayne and Ali Giddings), Roger and Sandra Giddings (Tracy and family, Vicky and family, Pete Lingard), John Harrington, Penny Butcher (Ketton Playschool), Tom Lamb (Pete Bulbick, Danny, Vincent Pape), Louis Bowden (Ketton U 14), Phil Claypole (family), Gail and Clifford Daly (family), Mark Hudson (family), Lee Carrasco (family), Jack Tudor (Jackie and Kirsten), Jonny Hewing, Geoff and Adam Tilley, Martin Tilley, Arron Young, Paul Levo, Steve Harradine.

Claire Mills (Roger Mills), Nikky Miles (Andrew Harrison, William and Georgina Miles), Jo and Andy Skelham (David Emmott), L Laybourn, Julian Laybourn (Casterton Community College), Lisa Hand (Trudy and Julie Hand), Chris Walton and Kerrian Neal (Witherley Services), Peter Kennelly (Witherley, Mick George), Mark Rumary (Lighthouse Club), Lorraine Gray (family, Mally Gray), Charles Daniels, Roger and Nigel, John and Meg Rowthorne, Jake (Burger Van), Nick and Sam Burn (Amy), Richard and Josephine Chester, Andy Crawford, Chris Cracknell (Paul, Tom, Laura and James), Steve Rowell (family), Jamie Scott and Big Frank (Ketton FC), Mick Jenkins, Malcolm Duff (Michelle Cooper), Mark Bates, Shane Milner (Tracy Clark, Kieran Milner) Alex Griffin, Mr A Gardner, Hayley Gardner, (B Gardner), Malc and Heather Ward, David Nicholls, Richard Wigginton (Tracy and Ellie Wigginton), Alan Fitzgerald (Jean, Kieran and Niall), Warren Duffy (Sara and Natalie Duffy), Mr and Mrs F Jackson, Yvonne Crow (family, Sue and Barry Hippey), Carol Bird, Matthew and William Bird, Rita and Graham Knobbs, Gareth and Louisa Smith), Iris and Keith Harris, Doug and Till Leeton (family), Mr and Mrs Mick Riley (family), Melissa and Simon Nairn (George, Jessica and Close family), Judy and Wally Horton, Neil Townsend (Diane, Glenn, Bradley Townsend).

Paul Jeffery, Marion, Mervyn Beecham (Simon Beecham), John Hall (Sara Craig Mann and family), Anna Hill (Sis, Pheasant family), Alex Sismore (Ketton FC), Ray and Gill Heeley, Pauline Burn (Michael, Sheila, Debbie, Louise and Sara Owens, Ian and Angela Burn), Andy Burrow (Tom Burrow, Ann and Linda), Andrew Fogg, Steve Fogg, Kate Sardeson, Alison Couzens and family, Burrows family, Jason Lindsay, Gary Conde (Roz, Luke, Roisin Conde), Mark Claypole, Martin Germany.