Obituary: Rodger Flint

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Rodger Flint

WELL-KNOWN farmer, Rodger Flint, of Tinwell Lodge Farm, died unexpectedly at home, aged 62.

Rodger was a member of a well-known farming family and was educated at Tinwell Primary School, Stamford School and Whittlebury School, near Towcester. He attended Kesteven Agricultural College and then embarked on a year’s work experience in Australia, spending time on different sheep stations and farms - honing his sheep shearing skills which he continued for several years after returning to farm in partnership with his father, Peter, at Tinwell Lodge Farm.

A talented young sportsman, he excelled in athletics, winning the Victor Lodurum award in his last year at school. He was an outstanding centre three quarter for Stamford Rugby Club, and was captain of the Notts/Lincs/Derby Colts XV. Two serious knee injuries meant that he progressed from a three quarter to a very effective front row forward. He was a county level junior squash player and a hard hitting batsman for Burghley Park Cricket Club. A founder member of Greetham Valley Golf Club, he was also an excellent game shot and until 10 years ago a keen fly fisherman.

Rodger could turn his hand to most things. While always a keen competitor at all sports he played, all events were a social occasion and an opportunity to have a bit of fun and ‘refresh’ oneself accordingly!

Roger had a wide circle of friends from many walks of life and will always be remembered for his sense of fun and his warm, generous nature.

He leaves his widow Ronni and two sons, Edward and Henry from a former marriage, and a sister, April Brown.

More than 500 people attended the thanksgiving service at All Saints’ Church, Stamford, a testament to how much he will be missed by so many. The service was preceded by a private family cremation at Marholm, the Rev Peter Pooley officiating.

Family mourners included: Ronni Flint, Edward Flint, Henry Flint, April and Michael Brown, Sarah Brown, Mark Penrose, Jonathan and Christie Elvin (representing Tom, Sophie and Jamie), Philippa Kendrick (Michael, Rebecca, Georgia), Ian and Fiona Keys (Charlotte, Oliver, Alexander), Mark Mutter (Julie-Ann, Alexandra, Sydney), Julie Calo, Carmel Flint, Jonathan and Claire Flint (family), Molly Flint, Jeremy, Angela, Richard and Alex Flint (Rebecca), Sue Flint, John and Jenny Gascoyne (family), Egerton and Libby Gilman (family), Robert and Jill Plant (family), Bruce, Neil and Andrew McClure, Peter Webb, Louise Kirk, Anthony and Judy Turner (John and Guy), Reg and Dorothy Webb.

Sympathisers included: Mark and Sue Walmsley (family), Mr and Mrs John Bardwell, David and Millie Tilson, Mrs Kathleen Shotbolt (Elizabeth Stacy), Kevin Vinter (Susan), David Cracknell, Paul Grist, Margaret Woodhead, Tom Crewe, Simon and Theresa Boon, Jane Smettem (Rob, Matthew, Laura), Harvey and Nicola Knipe, Mrs E Duffin (Vic Dolby), Morna Charmichael, Patrick and Terry Kilmartin, Charles Starkings, Carrie Woolford, Jeremy Dawson, Richard Tyler, Tom Bagge (Trustees of the Cecil Estate Family Trust and Strutt and Parker), Mike Reynolds (Mrs S Reynolds), David Reading (Bernard Reading), F Hinch (Hazel Hinch, Andrew and Jane Matthews, Bud and Betty Richardson), Robert and Jane Naylor (James, Ben and Nicky Naylor), Sam Duncomb (Emma, Tom, Edie), Guy Noton (Mrs Maggie Noton), Paul Spence (Stamford Tractors, Mrs E Spence, Dr Robert and Wendy Bass), Matt Brown (Brown and Jones Ltd), Helen and Dermot O’Neill, Mike Rowland (Charlie Rowland), Charles and Margaret Tyler, Bill and Lucy Sacker, John and Sally Naylor, Ollie Naylor and Chloe Crewe (Gemma Naylor), Tony Dolby and family (CWG Countrystores), Mrs Parsley (Julie and Denise), Dorothy Pridmore (Paul and Tess Pridmore), Allan With (Marcus Butcher), Phil and Jenny Allen (Gerald and Liz Allen, Malcolm and Sally Sly), Lorna Walker, Kathy Walker (Walker and Brown families), Tom Hindmarch (Jane Hindmarch and family, Duncan and Toplis), Richard Parkinson (Herbert Parkinson, Katy Parkinson, Andy Huyton), Margaret Haynes, Windy Higgs, Liz Bond, John and Chris Harper, Mark Douglas, John and Janet Cracknell (Eve and Bob McGowan).

John and Judy Van Geest (Sam and Caroline Markillie), Mark Adams, Liz Alexander (Joan Adams, Lucy Adams), Quentin McDougall (Angela McDougall), Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Betts, David Billings (Burghley Park Cricket Club), Doreen Bilsdon, Erica Fraser, Simon Stenning, Alison Atter, Alan and Mary Hodgkinson, Chris Meadows, Julie Healey, Nick and Amanda Healey, Peter and Annie Taylor, Mick and Sue Higgins, Chris Travis (Pauline Barratt, Gerald Tyler), Derrick and Janet Britton, Frank Milner (Mary Milner), Tony and Mary Pickford (Maddie, SRUFC), Gary and Sue Chamberlain (Ben and Will and all at Orchard Melamine, Mr and Mrs D Kinder), Nick Vergette, Elsa and Bill Warrington, Malcolm and Popsy Wells (family), Bill Ferrier (Peg and Andy Ferrier), Katherine and Paul McKenna, Gerald Sly, Nigel Wild (James O’Brien), Harry and Annie McCulloch (Alice Mitchell), Graeme and Jill Hepburn, Mrs Jane Berry (Mrs Charlotte Bradshaw), Harry spencer, Graham Wallhead, Graham and Janet Mills (Trevor and Rachel Ellis, John and Oliver Ross), Roger Mills (Claire Mills, Rob Mills), Jeremy Lord (Sarah, Olivia, Justin, Edward and Gemma), Robert Burns (Rutland and Stamford NFU, Martin Hewitt and family), David Hollis (Zoe, Ben and family, Claire Colton, Toby and Chloe), Diane Dunlop (Robin Dunlop), Ann Burns, Philip, Claire, Zoe, Sam and George Andrew, Don Carter (Jan Carter), Colin and Margaret Harrison (Ron Bodily), Glynn Woolf, Mr and Mrs Geoff Woolley, Helen Woolley (CLA), Noel Burford (Penny Burford), Martin and Susan Plant, Andrew Sharpley (Mary Sharpley, Stephen German, Andrew and Rona Towell), William and Elaine Griffin (Freeman Brawn), Robert Towell (Fran Towell), David and Jeffy Wood.

D Palmer, Tony Canham, Jackie Denney (Gavin Canham), D Sargeant, Will Gilman (Delyth Gilman, Richard Machin), Charles and Chrys Gilman (Kate and Andrew Wheadon), Richard and Jacqui Griffin, Guy and Yvonne Gilman (Ron Griffin), Trevor and Liz Jackson (Barrie Roper), Jeremy Easson (Janice, James and Jessica), Colin Easson (Mary Easson), Ralph and Sheila Featherstone (Peter and Gillian), James Waycot (Sally-Ann, Emma Waycot), Mike Waycot (David Taylor), Veronica Webster (Lord Gainsborough and all at George Hotel), James Carter, Edward and Ellie Carter (Annabel, James, William and Gilston Shoot), J Griffin (G Hix, B Chorlton), Mr and Mrs R Watt, John Hibbitt (Shirley Hibbitt), Russ Hibbitt (Natalie Hibbitt, Donald Ross), J Thraves, Mark Thraves, Mr and Mrs P Johnson (Mike Harrison), Michael Murray (Andrew and Jo Morley, Jacqueline and Grahame Murray), Tony and Pip Rawlings (Becca, Alex and David), Vernon Moore (Norman McRoberts), Peter Crew (Jeremy Crew), Richard and Bunty Makey (Andrew and Pauline Makey), Kevin and Pam Dean, John Monger, John Stimson (Bella Stimson), Andrew Lawrence (Kim Lawrence), Julian Criddle (Mark Richardson, Thetford Farm and Alan Grey), John Iacono (Iacono family), John Newman, Vida Clifford, Miranda Rock (Mr Simon and Lady Victoria Leatham), Christopher Renner, Ingrid Ferry (John Ferry), George and Gilly Grant (Chris and Amanda Stretton, Vernon and Denise Reed), Gwen Vernal (Jack Vernal), Sarah and Marcus Batty (family), Tony Dickens (family), John Baxter (Jean and Terry Baxter, Dr Martin, Helen Barker), David Mann (Allison and family), Pete and Tina Stevenson, Vic and Burnice Henry, Paul Friend, Jackie Friend (ladies of Greetham Valley Golf Club), Keith and Barbara Crellin and George and Audrey Morley (ORFC), Bill and Ruth Dickens (Jonathan and Nick Ladd, Jean Clancy),

Peter Beeke (Pip Beeke), Ann Stannage (John Stannage), John Sylvester, Tonie and Jennifer Calo, Steve, Tracy and Thomas Makey (Josh and Olivia Makey), Philip Shotbold (Sue Shotbolt, Dick Weed, Richard Weed), Tim and Kitty Walmsley (family), G Steele, Mick Morley (Barbara Morley), R Douglas (Mrs G Douglas, Mr T Baker), Mark Green (Bridget Green), Lesley McCartney (Andrew and Davina West), Jai Nairn (Stamford RFC), Angela Richardson (Adrian Pask), Andy Sylvester, Jenny Achurch (Steve and Sara Achurch), Jim Wheeler (Angela Wheeler), A Scott (Burghley House Preservation Trust Ltd), David Floyd (Cecil Estate Family Trust), Sir Giles Floyd (Harry Floyd), Tony Springett (Ann Springett), Andrew Cunningham (ex Wakerley Shoot), Daniel Martin (George and Sue Martin), Neck (Stamford RFC), Mandy and Paul Frisby, John Rawden (Jackie), Robert Wills (Carol Wills), Bill and Ema Hanson (Stamford RFC), Butch and Michelle Baker (boys), James Knight, Nick and Marilyns Turner (family), Richard Lamb (Mr and Mrs A Lamb, Gary Healey), Philip Sharpe (Rayonne Sharpe, Mrs G Stocker).

Richard Grayston (Lesley Grayston), Robert Sharpe (Thomas, Jean and Helen Sharpe), Zanny Palmer (Nick Palmer), Kenneth Durrad, Brian Naylor (Lynette Naylor), Robert and Tim Beaver (Sally Beaver, Zoe Wrynn, Philip Guest), James and Bridget Everitt (family), Colin Toseland, Graham Peckett, Stuart and Gilly Paton, Chris, Jayne, Alice and Josh Manby (John Manby), Roly and Debbie Easson (Ollie, Ben and Tom Easson, Barrie and Babs Clarke), Debbie Wood (Gemma Wood), Simon Watchorn (Bobbie Watchorn, John Reynolds), David and Janis Salmon (family, John and Gay Chinn and family), Doug and Denise Easton, Tony and Amy Wilson (Otters Pocket), Andrew and Barbara Northen (John and Marilyn Tomalin).

Mr and Mrs Percy Gilman (Andrew Swallow), Kit Houghton (Kate Houghton), John Brocks, Tom and Jo Gilman, Marcus Gilman (Anna Gilman), Geoff Holyoake (Lynda Lucas), Kaste Reynolds (Openfield and John Stables), Rod Young (Judy Young, Openfield), Jim and Mandy Saunders, Philip Robson (Daltons), Martyn Bradshaw (Marjorie Bradshaw, Tom and Jane Elwood), Mark Gough (Lizzie and family, James Martin), Paul Kilburn, Barbara Brzenska, D Barber (Howard, Euan, Lyn Howells, Brian O’Dea, Dusky Doyle), Marcus, Christine, Susie and Charlotte Dabbs (Martin and Jo Trendall, Mons Spence, Patricia Dawly), Michael Thurlby, Charlie Thomas, Pat O’Donovan, Tom Sturton, Mike Gulland, Ken Argo, Jonathan Belton, Mark Belton.