Obituary: Roland Blesset

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Roland Blessett

RETIRED structural engineer, Roland Blessett, of Maxey House Care Home, Deeping Gate, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 95.

He was the son of John and Louisa Blessett, and was educated at Deeping Cross School. On leaving school at the age of 14 he worked at Charity’s Farm. He then moved to Peter Brotherhood at the age of 18, where he worked as a structural engineer for 46 years, retiring in 1980. During this time he clocked up a staggering 150,000 miles on his bicycle, cycling to work almost every day.

During the Second World War he served with the Home Guard.

He was a member of Deeping St James Priory Church, Exeter Close and Age Concern. A keen follower of Peterborough United Football Club, he also loved gardening, angling, playing darts and bowls, and was a founder member of Deepings Bowling Association.

Widower of Connie, who he had been married to for 40 years before her death in 1992, he leaves his sons Michael and Mervyn.

The funeral service took place at Deeping St James Priory Church, the Rev Sonia Marshall officiating. Cremation at Marholm followed.

Family mourners included: Mr and Mrs M Blessett, Mr and Mrs M J Blessett, Miss A Blessett, Mr M Thoday, Miss A L Blessett, Mr G Wright, Mr and Mrs M A Blessett, Rosie, Mr R Blessett, Mr and Mrs S Compton, Mr T Compton, Miss A Compton, Mr and Mrs J Humphrey, Mr A Compton, Miss L Moynham, Mr and Mrs D Partridge, Mrs D Wilson (Mr R Wilson), Miss N Wilson (Mr D Wilson and family), Mr and Mrs M Double, Mr and Mrs G Archer, Mr C Harwood.

Sympathisers included: Mr D Blessett, Mr C Blessett, Mr T Berridge, Mrs S Booth, Mr P Blessett, Mr P Norris, Mrs M Thorpe, Mrs M Mann, Mr and Mrs M Miller (Mr and Mrs N Green), Mr and Mrs T Bates, Mrs P Farrell (representing Peter Farrell), Mr and Mrs K Laughton, Mr G Prentice (J & S Prentice), Mr and Mrs K Miller and Scott, Mrs M Reed, Mrs J and Miss L Clarke (Mrs R Harwood), Mr and Mrs M Hoadley, Mrs N Titman, Mr and Mrs Power, Mr B Wheatley (L Wheatley, J & M Waghorn), Mr T Blessett (Mrs M Meadows, Mr D Blessett), Mrs G Wright, Mr and Mrs R Taylor, Mr J Fisher (Ray, Tony and Josie Fisher); Mr B Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs C Collicott, Mr D Cox and Mr J Ruddy (Deepings Bowls); Mr R Rudkin (Mr and Mrs T Smith), Mr D Blessett (Mr B Blessett), Mr and Mrs N Fowler, Mrs C Parkhill, Mandy Crunkhorn-Smith (Maurice), Rita Coleman and Sam Wright (Maxey House), Mrs J Carnell (Mr P Carnell), Debbie Carnell and Shirley Richards (Bus ladies), Mr A Smith, Joan Dyke (Jean Patterson), Lorraine Turner (Mo’s Newsagents), Mr G Allen (Exeter Close), Mrs F Orton, Mrs Kitty Clayton (Mr K Clayton), Mr R Sloane (Age Concern).