Obituary: Rupert Smith

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Rupert Smith

The funeral service for retired farmer, Rupert Smith, took place at St Lawrence Church, Tallington, cremation at Marholm followed.

The Rev Clive Hilton officiated. Mr Smith died at Peterborough City Hospital following a short illness, aged 93.

Born in Tallington, he was youngest of four children. Sisters Eunice and Beryl and brother Ron have all been deceased for some years. He was the widower of Mrs Olave Smith.

Mr Smith started his schooling in Tallington, where he formed many of his lifelong friendships and a true appreciation of village life in Tallington, he later spent a brief period at Bluecoat School, Stamford.

He took an interest in farming from a very early age, initially through his uncle, David Bull, and later through working with the Hodgkin and Thurlby families.

As years progressed and the war came, Mr Smith joined the Home Guard.

He loved sport, and in his younger days played football and cricket for Tallington. He also played snooker and enjoyed Fenland skating. Later in life he enjoyed watching test cricket and was a keen supporter of Arsenal Football Club.

He enjoyed ballroom dancing and took up clock and engine repairs in his spare time.

In addition to his farming work, Mr Smith also ran a dairy business for more than 30 years, delivering milk to Tallington, Barholm, Greatford, Langtoft and West Deeping.

On his retirement he and his late wife, Olave, enjoyed travelling to different parts of the UK particularly Dorset and Scotland.

Family mourners included: John, Nicola, Matthew and Sarah Smith, Jocelyn and Mary Metcalf.

Sympathisers included: John and Sue Beeby, Valerie and Clive Fuller (representing family), Roy Tate (Pam Tate), Wendy Jackson (Ann and Bob Frary), Mrs Angela Jackson (Mr H Stokes), Rita Boalch, Jan Dwight, Rosemary and Gordon Berridge, Tracey Parker, David Boswell (Jackie Boswell), Michael Bratley (Sheila Bratley), Suzanne Morgan, Goodliffe family, Ann Kilham, Esme and Terry Gray, Shirley Taylor (family), Joan Boalch (Robin Boalch), Ken Otter, Mrs Vera Pearson (family), Michael and April Brown, Mr and Mrs P Freeman, Mr J Freeman.

Mrs Phyllis Smith, Mrs Anne Marshall (Paul, Nancy, Susan, Henry, Rebecca, Alexandra and William Marshall), Mrs Moira Small, Brian Small, Keith Tate, Mrs Amy Warren (Bradley family), Linda and John Smith (Emily and Edward Smith), Robert Smith (Jacob Smith), Angie Smith (Malcolm and Elizabeth Wackcrow, Diana Smith), Sally Ivett, Richard Ransom (family), E Duddridge, A Duddridge, Marion Crowson, Mrs Kay Allen, Frank and Elizabeth Martin, A Marvell (Mrs E Jackson), John Berridge (Pam), Jean Walker, Peter and Mary Starbuck and Mrs A Muxlow (Ann and Steve Longwork), J & B Smith and family, R Johnson (Blaine Johnson), Wally Knox (Tallington Village Hall Committee), Lauren Pollock (Richard and May Coles), Anne Knox, John Allen (Liz Allen, Jean Senell), Alan and Ros Thurlby (Andy, Louise, Sue and John, Mrs D Dunnet (Babe Issitt), Rene Sumpter), Michael Thurlby.