Obituary: Sandra Leeton

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Sandra Leeton

THE funeral service for Sandra Leeton, 67, of Saxon Way, Bourne, took place at Marholm Crematorium.

Family mourners included: Peter Leeton (widower), Maryanne Webb (daughter), Russell Leeton (son), Clare Harbottle, Sarah and Paul Fennell (daughter and son-in-law), Paul and Alison Leeton (son and daughter-in-law)(representing Max and Oliver), Alfie Leeton (grandson), Neil and Marian Hodkinson, Eric and Pauline Hodkinson, Helen and Rachel Hodkinson.

Sympathisers included: Mike and Marita Cann, Gareth and Donna Thomas, Dave and Gwynneth Camm, Barbara Rojek, Elaine Cooper, Mike and Annie Anderson, Mrs J Hobby, Andrew Sims (family, Roger Asher, Matt Cuffe), Jason Murray (Carol Murray), Stephen Andrew (Tracy Andrew), Blanche, Ann Berridge (De La Rue), Janice Jesson (Phil, Hayley, Mark and families), Elaine and Pete Smith (Andrew and Martyn Smith, Lesley Sutton), Pam Taylor, Margaret Blythe, Mark Blythe (Claire, Isabelle and Matilda Blythe), Paul Benson (Karen, Elize and Eve), Mr and Mrs D Redshaw (Mr and Mrs J Dunthorne), Maureen and Peter Killworth, Mrs Clair Shepherd, Dorothy Sargeant, Joyce Stevenson, Joan Askew (family, Frank and Joan Walker), Sharon Grose (Ryan Grose), Mr and Mrs J Nutbeem (Chelmsford family), Mary Fawns (Maureen and Martin Harbord, Dorothy Kettle), Ian and Christine Bell (Stephen Harrison, John Bell).