Obituary: Sandy Hathaway

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Sandy Hathaway

SANDY Hathaway, of Luxor, Egypt, formerly of Mountbatten Avenue, Stamford, died at the Sue Ryder Home, Thorpe Hall, Peterborough, aged 66.

Born in Chiswick, she was the daughter of Marjorie Kavanagh, and spent most of her childhood in Stamford, and attended Stamford schools.

She worked as a kitchen manager at Bourne Grammar School in 2006, and moved to Egypt three year’s ago. She moved back to England in April 2011.

Her hobbies included colour therapy, Tai Chi and spiritual health.

Bereaved is her widower Richard who lives in Egypt, and children Adrian, Karl, Gene, Darryl and Conrad.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium.

Mourners included: Adrian Stubbs, Karl Cooper, Gene Stubbs, Darryl Stubbs, Conrad Stubbs.

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