Obituary: Stephen Gray

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Stephen Gray

STEPHEN (Les) Gray, of Dovecote Estate, Rippingale, died at his home, aged 78.

Educated at a Church of England school he worked as a miller engineer for Mirrlees Blackstones, Stamford.

His hobbies including fishing, gardening and playing bowls.

He leaves his widow Jill and children Susan, Stephen, Gary and Tina.

The Rev Nicola Dela-Croix officiated at the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium.

Family mourners included: Jill Gray (widow), Susan and David Thorpe, Gary and Sheila Gray, Stephen and Mark Gray, Tina and Keith Lankham, Kevin Lankham (representing Tracy, Cassey, Kieren), Paul Lankham (Kelly, Nick, Elle, Riley), Karl Gray, Maddie Stanton, Daniel and Alison Gray (Stephen and Lee), Stacey Gray, Katie and Mathew Bent (Freddie), Michael Thorpe, Sadie Walton, Andrew and Caroline Thorpe.

Sympathisers included: Brian and Billy Gray, Brenda and Dick Lambert, Pat Edwards, Jane Williams, Mr and Mrs Roy Michelson, Ivy and John Todd, Mr C Chambers (Chambers and Gibbons families), Graham and Lynda Edwards (family), Mr J Atkinson (R Atkinson), Eric Jessop (Maxine Jessop, Harry Crossley), John Phillips, P Johnson (family), Dennis and Irene Talton (Rippingale Friendship Club), Mrs Brenda Gray (Mr Jack Gray), May Hodgett, Tony Windsor, Nancy Gray, Alison Gray and family (Ricky and family), Hazel Tinkler (family), A Edwards (Marlene), David and Maureen Suddaby, David and Audrey Gray (Helen Bottone), Trudy Barnett (Edwards family), Paul Grocock, Wendy Grocock, Mr Brian Lankham (Miss G Lankham), Joan Taylor (Mr Tom Taylor), Hillary and Frank Pell (family), David Doncaster (Louise and Rose Doncaster and family), Meiasha Flatters (Alfie and family), Mr and Mrs N Gray, Mr and Mrs N Adams (family), Terry and Elaine Redshaw, F Clarke (Mabel Scarborough), G Batt (Pete and Diane Thurston), Joan Wells (Barry, James, Jackie), Mrs V Tomlin (M Tomlin), Ann Wells and Micky (Paul and Sam Wells), Mr and Mrs P Read, Mr and Mrs D Suddaby, Mr and Mrs A and S Flatters, Mr Brian Preston, Mr and Mrs D Lunn, Shirley and Barry Flatters (E Towers, L Gunthorpe, Sandra and Pete Newcomb and staff at Willows), Mrs Susan Bowen, Anthony and Julia Gray, Trevor Gray, Graham and Linda Edwards, Karen Brookes, Mandy Gray, Ruth, Duncan, Shaun Barker-Magowan.