Obituary: Thomas Guy

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Thomas Guy

THE funeral of restaurateur, Thomas (Tom) Guy, of Fiddlesticks, London Road, Wansford, took place at Wansford Parish Church, the Rev Peter Morrell officiating. Eddie McDonald was organist and Jim Bolton gave the eulogy. Interment followed at Ketton Green Burial site.

Tom died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 58.

He was born in Harrow, the youngest of three children born to Jack and Rosemary Guy. His father retired from the Metropolitan police in 1974 and moved with the family, when Tom was 21, to Wansford and their beloved cottage on London Road.

After a short period of working at the A1 bridge works, Tom secured a job as bar cellarman at The Haycock, and so began his lifetime’s association with local hostelries.

In the summer of 1978 he made a move over the county border to Nassington, and became bar manager at The Black Horse. By the end of the year he had met the young Dawn Cox, who was employed as chef. Tom would be seen walking more eagerly to work in Nassington than from it. Thus began Tom and Dawn’s enduring partnership.

Tom and Dawn ran the Black Horse for 12 years and this was without doubt a successful period. The reputation of this young couple spread far and wide and many made the pilgrimage to Nassington to sample Tom’s Front of house mastery as Dawn performed wizardry in the kitchen. By 1990 the dynamic duo set off for the wilds of Woodnewton and the White Swan which they ran successfully from 1990 - 1993. Tom then moved to the Red Lion in Warmington while Dawn made her mark at the Papermills in Wansford and Trendells in Oundle.

In 1995 Tom and Dawn set about realising their dream of owning their own business, moving into Wansford’s old butcher’s shop with a master plan. In partnership with David and Sally Peaks they opened the legendary Fiddlesticks country restaurant in 1996.

With Tom’s return to Wansford barely 200 yards from where it all started, his halcyon days began in earnest. Tom’s fashion sense matured to new levels. Villagers and tourists alike would marvel at him, as he held firmly onto his observation post at the corner of London Road and Elton Road dressed in bright blazers, outlandish comical ties and seasonally decorated hats, all setting off his stylish moustache. Chickens for Easter, daffodils for spring, straw boaters in summer, and Santa hats at Christmas, he had them all.

Tom epitomised everything English with just a touch of eccentricity thrown in. He was a dedicated follower of fashion who’s motto was, ‘No point in being miserable - you’ve got to brighten up peoples lives’. Tom was also a fountain of knowledge, a well-read man, with a vast appreciation of history, the American Civil War, music, food, wine, cheese, country traditions, sport and above all etiquette. He spent his life serving others, supporting the community and brightening the lives of those around him.

Tom put up a brave fight and remained sharp minded and lucid to the end.

Family mourners included: Dawn Cox (partner), Richard Guy, brother (representing Jack Guy, father), Celia Hutchinson (sister), Jessica and Jenny Hutchinson, Tony and Nadine Cox, Melanie and Marcus Philips, Terry Cox, Margaret Beeken, John, Sylvia Smith.

Sympathisers included: David and Sally Peaks, Micheal Peaks, Barry and Sue Letheren, Peter and Ginny Robinson, George and Judith Hearty, Chris and Dagmar Price, Renatta Brooke-Harris (Robin Brooke-Harris), Andrew Sharpley (Mary Sharpley, Peter Wilde, Robin Dunlop), Nick Guyatt, Rita Kendrew, John Richardson, Richard Sidewick, Dave and Diana Sidewick, Vivien and Ray Giddings, Clive Potter (family, Paul and Elaine Dews), David, Patricia and James Stuart-Mogg, Jo Cooper, Susan Melton and family, Jessica Hadman, Irene Hall, Trevor Culpin, John and Joan Canham, Bob and Rae Balam, Judy Fuller, Paul and Jane Tate, Roger and Carole Newton, Declan, Lee and Ceara Hayden, Stuart and Rosalind Shelton (Pat and Ray Pollard), Paul and Ali Grist, Helen Barber (Nigel Barber), Burt Conchie (June Conchie); Hilary Axelsen, Jill Rastall and Gill Fisher (Wansford Horticultural Society); Jacqui and Terry Knights, Donna Wells (family), Conrad Lange (Sophie and family), Stephen German (Audrey Pepperman, George and Sue Martin), John and Suzy Story, David and Vicky Cracknell (Martin and Jo Trendall, Mark and Chris Dabbs, Sally Sly), Marilyn, Carl, Kate Vernum, Ben and June Atkins, John and Janet Cracknell, Maggie Cracknell (Mike and Hilary Tyrell), Robert Hidderley, Richard and Janet Allen, George Russell, David Finch, Alan Jones, Rosie and Eddie McDonnell, Clare and David Hughes, Vivien Thorley, David and Lynda Norman, John Pike (Aurther Whiteker, Sarah Martin), Badger, Darrell Deboo, Matt Mitchel (Wansford in England CC), A Palenski, Colin and Kaye Essum (John Bradshaw Ltd), Martin Longfoot, Brian and Elaine Willmott, Lynne Ayres, John and David Wright (Hunt and Coombs), Ricky Cawood, Philip and Jonathan Weed (Weed and Perkins family), Tania and Gordon Kent, Jim and Mary Wilson, Julia and Owen Brown, Paul and Laiwan Stubbs, Mick and Linda Pointing, Mike and Sandy Southgate, Julie and J T Taylor, Sally Ward, Fleur Stewart (King Bros Ltd), Mary Marleau, Daphne and John Brown, Mario Ando, Sandy Marshal, Angela Roberts, Ann Bradshaw (John and Margaret Bradshaw) and many more friends.