Obituary: Toby Swain

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Toby Swain

THE funeral service for Toby Swain, of Harrington Street, Bourne, took place at Bourne Abbey Church, The Rev Peter Pooley officiating. Interment at Bourne Cemetery followed.

Toby died at his home, aged 90, surrounded by his family.

Born in Bourne, he was the son of George and Nellie Swain and attended Abbey Road School. On leaving school he joined Andrews at Abbey Road (later known as Carltons) and trained as a wheelwright and carpenter. Apart from his National Service with the RAF he lived in Bourne, the town he loved, all his life.

In his youth he played football for Bourne Town. He spent much of his working life repairing and spraying bodywork on the BRM racing cars which he did with much pride and enjoyed meeting many famous and interesting people connected with the sport. He later went on to part-own Harrington Motors, where he continued his love and expertise of repairing bodywork on vehicles.

He was interested in aircraft, often visiting local airfields and air shows and was a member of the Austin Ruby Vintage Car Club, where he enjoyed accompanying his many friends on rallies and shows across the country.

A well-known character around Bourne town, in his later years he enjoyed meeting his many friends for a chat while doing his little bit of shopping.

He enjoyed spending time with his daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren, who all adored him. He will be sadly missed by his loving wife Elsie who he married in 1942, daughters Janice and Barbara, sons-in-law Alan and John, grandchildren Louise, Emma and Oliver and great grandchildren Jack, Josh, Jessica and Maddy.

Family mourners included: Elsie, Jan and Alan, Barbara and John, Louise and Stacy (representing Josh and Maddy), Emma and Jack (Jessica), Oliver and Vicky, Peggy Morrison, Jean and Bill Thornton, Mandy and Martin O’Connor, Matthew O’Connor (Faye and Martha), Alison and Nick Ryde.

Sympathisers included: Alan and Christine Clare (family), Gerald Allen (Robin Landen), Mr A Brightman, Mr and Mrs A Atkinson, Margaret Osborne (Sarah and John Christie and family), Malcolm Shipley (Les Newton), Maureen Baker (Peter Baker), Mrs G Asher (family and Peter Buckberry), Leonora Walton (Michael, Kathleen and Samantha), Joan Fussell (John Fussell), Megan and Stephen Carter (Tim and Simon), Sheila Stubley (family and Greensmith family), Mr and Mrs G Buxton, Bruce Stoker (Mrs Eileen Stoker and family), Deg and Glyn Hand (Scott Hand), Roger Barsby, Brian and Sue Lane (family), Joy Bontoft (Derek Bontoft), Josie Hill (Ralph, Darren and Jonny), Kristen Jesson (family, Aaron and Maurice Jesson), Wendy Jesson (Bland family), Abbie Coles, Alison Stubbs (Simon and Sheldon Coles, Caitlin Stubbs), Maureen Oldham, Peter Oldham, Matthew O’Connor (Faye and Martha O’Connor), Alison and Nicholas Ryde, Mandy and Martin O’Connor (Ben Casey), Sandra and Wayne Brown (Eleanor Sherwin), Corinne Rodgers (Nick, Leigh, Hayley and Mrs M Sellars), Norman Seggie (family), C Clay.

John and Edith Dickinson, George Broughton (Gillian Broughton, Diane and Graham Stabler), Jean Grummitt (Geoffrey Grummitt), Pat Robinson, Maureen Posnett (staff at Maureen’s Hairdressers), Mr and Mrs Jim Brooks (Golden Lion), Margaret Burkitt (Co-op Foodstore), Pauline Raven (family), Joe and Betty Sharpe, Wendie and Malcolm Scotney (Amanda), Freda Danby (Alan Danby), Margery Sellars, Maisie Sellars, Peter and Mavis Tory, Derek Knight (Mrs R Knight), John Templeman, Maureen and Richard Hamilton and Jim Hamilton (Austin 7 Group), Ian Clark, Barbara Coleman (Miss D Brown), Faith Taylor, Dot and Ted Kelby, John and Stella Clark (Clark Engineering), Mick Rollings, Richard Joyce, Jan (Mears family), John Whyles (family), Marion and Rodney Parker, Michael Hibbins (Barry and Ruby Jackson and Maureen Bullimore), Mr G Perkins (Mrs M Perkins, Mrs J Delaine-Smith), Arthur Lightfoot, verger, Steve Bentham (Golden Lion), Mr M Mills, Frank and Hilary Pell (Shirley and Roy Michelson), Mr and Mrs J Crossland, Mr and Mrs A Farmer (Mrs E Farmer, Mr and Mrs G Hunt), Jim Lees (Jo Lees, Marilyn MacElroy, Anne Boggitt), Dennis Read (Brenda Read and family), Kerrie Sleight (Francis Sandall, Emma Sleight), Christine and Tony Burton, Dorien and Bryan Malkin (Abby, Dave, Emily and Cameron), Dick Salmon (Henry Hewitt), B Salmon (family).

Judy and Bob Baines-Dinning, Eleanor Keegan (Baines-Dinning), Susan Burgin, Petronella Sanders (Frank Sanders), Brian Hubbert, Pamela Warren, Neil Morgan (Mary Morgan), Mr and Mrs D Suddaby, Gerry Van Der Weyden, Ron Horsman, Peter Harris (Marijke Harris), Reg Richardson, Pat Carvath (Yvonne Carvath), John Bryce (Christine), Duncan Exton, Roy Jones, Ashley Jones (Jimmy Noll), Lionel Riddington, Dick Neal, Penny Neal (Karen Knott), Mr and Mrs Geoff Perkins (Bull Friday Club), Mr and Mrs D Wilson (Mrs B Latter), Mary Harby, Tony and Teresa Dunthorne (Lucy and Steve Sandall), Marlene Banks (John Banks), Mr and Mrs D Wells, Mopsy Hall, Eben and Sue Atkinson, Marie Johnson, Connor Toynton (Diane Toynton), Adele Atkin (staff at The Bull), Margaret and Roy Brewster (Gary, Hannah and Carl), Mike and Jean Osborn (Alison Thomas, Andrew York), John Macmillan (Macmillan family), Peter and Sue Slowey, John Larkinson, David Ward, John Hollister, Kate and Martin Lock, David Jackson (family and Denis Neal), Mr H Soar (family), Alan Woodward (Ann Woodward), Charles McLean (Lynne McLean), T Chambers (BRM), Garry and Jeanette Latter (Hall and Hall and Topsy Latter).