Obituary: Tom Bills

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The funeral service for Thomas (Tom) Bills of Churchill Road, Stamford, took place at Christ Church, Stamford, the Rev David Oxtoby officiating.

Tom died at Peterborough City Hospital after a long illness. He was educated at Essendine School and on leaving at an early age became a farm worker with his 
father. On one occasion during the war they were working close to the railway line at Essendine when it was bombed by two stray German planes. They had to run for cover in a nearby dyke.

After meeting and marrying his wife Sylvia they lived at the Hare and Hounds pub at Greatford, where they helped Sylvia’s parents run the pub. They then moved to their own pub in Barholm, before settling in Braceborough where Sylvia ran the local post office for many years.

While there Tom worked as a welder at Allis-Chalmers for a few years before becoming a lorry driver for Vitrition, later becoming their general manager for many years, before retirement.

In his youth he was well-known in the area as a darts champion, having gained many trophies, until an accident at work to his thumb left him with no feeling in it.

He then turned his attention to caravanning and spent many days in his retirement travelling around the country, with his wife.

He leaves his widow Sylvia. daughter Barbara, son John, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Family mourners included: Sylvia Bills (widow), Barbara Rauchfliesch, David Rauchfliesch, John Bills, Chris, Wayne Rauchfliesch, Tracy Rauchfliesch, Stuart Harris, Alfie and Maureen Bartram, Janice Day, David Bills, Darren Bills, Josephine Footitt, Anne Harris.

Sympathisers included; Marian Freeman, Roy Prentice, Stuart Laughton, Mr and Mrs Rickett, Charlie Sentence, Nigel and Nicky Hawkins, David Hare, Anita Trowell, Sue Rowston, Kath Hayden Dale.