Obituary: Trevor Dawson

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Trevor Dawson

TREVOR Dawson, of Derwent Drive, Oakham, died in the Karen Ball Suite at Rutland Memorial Hospital, Oakham, aged 69.

He was born in Exton, the son of the late Rene and Ampy Dawson and was brother to Neville, Stanley, Barrie, Peter and the late Tim, Alan, Victor, Janet and Grace.

During his working life he worked for the local ironstone quarry; Oakham building firm Stafford and Munday; Manton Engineering; Markons and Langham Engineering, until his retirement five years ago.

A keen bowler, he spent many happy hours playing for Oakham and Langham Bowls Club, and also played dominoes and snooker. He enjoyed gardening, tending his allotment, growing produce for family and friends and showing in the annual Rutland Horticultural Society Show, of which he was a member.

Trevor will be sadly missed by his wife Pauline, who he had been married to for 42 years.

He was a proud dad to Jacqueline and Tracey, father-in-law to Jonathan and Justin, and a much loved and adored granddad to Jacob, Callum, George, Matthew, Lauren, Ruth and Alice, and will always be in their thoughts.

He was a sociable and well-respected member of the community, which was reflected in the large number of family and friends attending the funeral at St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Exton, the Rev Richard Lubkowski officiating.

Mourners included: Pauline Dawson (widow), Jacqueline and Jonathan Moore, Tracey, Justin and Jacob Worthington, Neville and Carol Dawson, Stanley and Frani Dawson, Barrie, Jenny and Jolene Dawson, Peter, Amelda, Andrew and Kirsty Dawson, Amy and Andrea Dawson, Janet, Neil, Ben and Sam Dawson, Linda, Jamie and Georgie Healey, Julie, Steve, Reece and Laura Bartlett, Lisa and Peter, Steve and Julie Dawson.

Brian and Janet Wright, Chris and Chris Maklowicz, Ursula, Brian, Sarah, Paula and Andrew Barlow, Sharon Maklowicz, Mark and Kate Maklowicz, Kelly Taylor.

Beryl Birch (Ros Carter, Janet Birch), Jim Green, Tracey and Robert Wilkinson, Bill Grimshaw (Barry and Doreen) OBC, John Moore (Mo and Sarah Moore, Jackie and Mike Vecqueray), Pat Munro, John and Janet Rogers, Bob Swarbrick OBC, Jennifer Bateman (Peter Bateman), Mary Pepper (Tony and Christine Grice), Alan and Zena Doyle, George and Gill Brewster (Simon), Rita and Tony Walker, Christine Rawlings (Norman Rawlings), Gordon Perry (May Perry), Veronica Onley, John Kettle (Irene), Carl, Sue, Charlotte and Charlie Geoghegan, John and Margaret Bell (Simon), Paul and Merryl Hart, Carolyn and Bernard Selby, Harry Susan and Mark Ferguson, Frank and Mavis Wolloff (OBC), Alison and David Clark, Karen Hosmer (Brooke Hill School), Suzi and David Green (Ken Darby, Eloise and Maxim Green), Sheila Hibbitt (Tony Hibbitt), Rudi and Sheila Michetschlager, Lynn Gregg (Geoff, Stacey and Scott, Bernie and Lindsay Hibbitt), Chris and Rosie Woolston (Michelle), Roy and Liz Hosner (Langham Bowls Club), Mark and Bernadette Wallace.

Shirley Rose (Barry Rose), Colin Hicks, Martin and Elizabeth Wallace, D Grant (Karen and Robert Grant, Mrs P Grant, Ron, George, Susie, Gilly Grant, Sue and George Brand), Jeff and Margaret Dale (Emma and Fiona Dale, Darren Cox, Peter and Ann Laskey), George and Janet Duffin, Mick Staite (Mrs W Staite and family), Jenny and John Worthington (Jason, Kirsty, James and Zara), Mr R Benham and Verena, Phil Benham, Bett and Clarence Bell and family (June Bell and family), Angie and Frank Humphreys (family and Oakham in Bloom), Tony Gilbert (Greetham Bowls Club), David Lambert, Mary and Denis Smith.

Margaret and Gerald Dawson (Geoff Dawson and family, Keith Dawson and family, Andrea Townsend, Leon Dawson), Alma and David Ketley (Clare, Kate and Fleur), Lilian Burton (Mrs Wade, Rachel and Ted Castle, Cissie, Arthur, Mick and Wendy Sanders), Syd and Jean Bell, Mick Higgins and Sue (W H Higgins and Sons), Emma and Paul Mann, Mr F Holmes, Shirley and Jim Telling (Carol, Nicola and families), Kevin and Kate O’Brien.

Alan Jones (Oakham Bowls Club), Bill and Carol Stewart, Frances Grace (family), Robert and Linda Lambert, Martin and Julie Hearth, George and Julie Rowell, Pam Wallace, Joy Rawlings (Jerry, Tony, Duane and family), Ros and Dave Mackinlay and Mark Mackinlay.

Kerry and Neil Munford, Colin Cambridge (Sandra Cambridge, Michele Totaro); Lin Walters, Bob Spence, Janet and Glyn Davies, R Hammond, Les Wright, Nicola Elmer, Nigel Trigg, Anne Preston-Bambridge, Pam and Rod Stanley, Janet Wright, Eileen Wright and Tony Flower.

Diane Culshaw, Jack Pearce and Peter Gleeson (OBC), Marion Helsdon (Terry Helsdon, Les and Marie Evans), Paul Murrant (Sue Murrant), Roger Hale (Carole Hale), Helen and Brian Alexander.

Ken and Jo Fisher, Don Clements (family), Charlie Underwood (Joan Underwood, Greetham Bowls Club), Derek and Janet Bilby (RHS and Oakham in Bloom), June and Walter Sumner, Dawn and Gail (Avis Sumner), Annabelle Gray (Tim Gray and family), Carol Gibson (Grania), Ray and Rosemary Gregory, Ken and Ann Grimmer (family), Clare Maxwell (family), Pat Simmonds (Rutland Horticultural Society).

Martin Hosmer (Kerry Kaitlin and Kara), John and Bridget Milner, Mick and Ann Bell (family), Chris Wallace (Sheila Wallace), Mr J Naylor (family, Mrs M Broughton), Rodney Cushing, Allen Dickinson (Bett Dickinson), John Woodgates, David Hillier (Jennifer Hillier), Eileen Bell.

Lauren Wing, Sheila Tedder, Denis and Pauline O’Leary (Tracey Stimson), George Cameron (Gary, Sam and family, Gerry and Ali Burton), John and Elizabeth Hornsby, Mrs E McLoughlin, W McLoughlin (family), Ron Jervis (Reg James), Joyce and Arnold Bullock, Cath and Rod Humphrey, David and Dorothy Blackwell (Natalie and Helen Blackwell, Pat Castle, Chris Menzies), Eddie and Jenny Owen (family).

Chris Haines (Joan Haines), Emma Mills (Robert Mills, Alice Lissaman), Robin and Eva Williamson (Ruth and Mick Burdett), Jane and Frank Robinson, Jasmin and Bob Glennie (Anita, Julia and families), Rosemary Baines (Lorna, Sandra and families), Keith Cliffe (Maureen Cliffe), Paul Clarke (Julie Clarke, family, Les and Maria, White Lion, Oakham).

Stan Townsend (Oakham Home Gardens and Allotment Society), Sheila and Reg Wadsworth (family), Dave and Elaine Dakers (family), Jill Welsh, Marie Brown (Paul Brown, Naomi Collins).