Obituary: Zina Randall

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Zina Randall

THE funeral service for retired civil servant, Zina Randall, 81, of Bourne Road, Thurlby, took place at Marholm Crematorium, Ernest Fytche officiating. Tributes were given by Katie Brennan (granddaughter) and Connor Prime (grandson on behalf of Charlotte Prime).

Before retirement Mrs Randall worked in the passport office in Peterborough.

She loved spending time with her nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She was a keen supporter of ice hockey and rugby, and especially enjoyed watching Romford Raiders Ice Hockey team.

Bereaved are her children Philip, Lynn, Elaine and Sean.

Family mourners included: Philip Randall, Elaine McAllen, Peter McAllen, Lynn Prime, Kevin Prime, Sean Brennan, Hugh and Saida Griffiths, Miriam Athraby, Alwaan Athraby, Carrie McAllen, Charlotte Prime, Connor Prime, Nicola Randall, Katie Brennan, Nikita and Philip Sharrack, Paul Randall, Trish Hughes, Jason Buckman.

Sympathisers included: Celia Fisher, Lyn Lord, Diane English, Melissa Glendinning, Elaine Page, Jill Makansi, B Cooper, J Stringer, M McAllen, S McAllen, Catia and Mark Hill, Lynn Buchanan, Mr and Mrs Buchanan, B Lain, B Ridge, D Snaith, Sue Horsley, M Thompson, M Townsin, J Sampson, Mr and Mrs Jackson, Lorna Sherratt, Joan Phillips, Trisha Smith, K Fong, Mr and Mrs Cuschieri, Louise and Chris Cuschieri, Spencer Bromage, G Motley, Paul Clay, Sue Winch, Anne Feerick, M Bond, I Elkins, L McAvoy, J Metcalfe, Sophie Brennan.