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Oliver blags ringside seat at explosive Conor McGregor fight

Fight fan Oliver Regis snatches a picture with Hollywood hero Matt Damon (4665049)
Fight fan Oliver Regis snatches a picture with Hollywood hero Matt Damon (4665049)

A cheeky Stamford pub barman has made worldwide headlines yet again after blagging his way backstage into the biggest-ever UFC fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Supercool Oliver Regis, 33, pulled off the incredible stunt to bag an astonishing ringside seat as his Irish hero McGregor was battered and beaten by the all-conquering Russian in the brutal clash.

The massive UFC fight fan put on a flat cap so he wouldn’t be recognised by security guards and made a dash for the best seats in the house after snapping up a $200 ticket for the eagerly-awaited confrontation.

Thrilled Oliver also managed to sneak in backstage with billionaire self-help guru Tony Robbins before having his picture taken with Bourne Supremacy star Matt Damon, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and actor Jay Hernandez in the VIP lounge.

His latest coup comes after he posed as part of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s security team in his bout with McGregor last August and blagged a ringside seat just feet from Mike Tyson and basketball icon LeBron James.

Oliver, who works at the Kings Head, looked on stunned as he had a grandstand view as all hell broke loose after McGregor tapped out in the fourth round on Saturday night.

“After sneaking ringside for the McGregor-Mayweather fight and how big my story got last year worldwide I thought security at the T-Mobile Arena might recognise me.

“So I went to H&M at the Planet Hollywood the day of the fight and bought myself a flat cap to cover my bald head!

“When you are ringside if you leave your seat while the fight is happening you can’t return till the end of the next round,” he told the Rutland and Stamford Mercury from Las Vegas.

“So I got in the line where people were lining up to get back to their seats and the ticket ushers were asking everyone to get their tickets out so I got right behind a few people and just bombed through and didn’t look back!

“My friend was right behind me and he got stopped and they wouldn’t let him through without a ticket but amazingly I managed it.

“When I got to the floor seats I noticed two security guards looking at me and one pointed so I quickly turned the other way as I was worried they were going to kick me out!"

Barman Oliver Regis bagged a fantastic ringside seat for the show-stopping fight (4684061)
Barman Oliver Regis bagged a fantastic ringside seat for the show-stopping fight (4684061)

Oliver said he couldn’t believe his luck after grabbing one of the best seats in the packed hall.

“I watched the main event from the fourth row - it was unbelievable.

“I had to keep swapping seats as people would return from the toilet and getting a beer.

“I was then forced to move to another seat - it was like playing musical chairs.

“Movie star Leonardo Dicaprio walked right past me to his front row seat,” he said.

“But he had a baseball cap on with his hood up so I don’t think he wanted to be noticed.

“I’ve met him a few times in the past and he’s always denied me a selfie so I didn’t bother asking.”

Oliver branded the mayhem after the fight “crazy”.

“McGregor and Khabib’s team had a big brawl in the crowd and I was right next to the action - it was crazy.

“I rang media outlet Tmz and sold two videos I filmed for $500,” he said.

“The 13-second clip paid for my flight to Las Vegas.”

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