A Senior Moment: Councillors should be supporting businesses

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Right pay attention please, serious thoughts coming up. If Tony Blair or Gordon Brown had flogged off Gibraltar to make a few bucks – alongside our gold reserves, Harrier jump-jets to name but two of our buy-bye-British sales of the century, would we all feel differently about the so called land-grab in Crimea?

Now I’m not a supporter of Marxism, Mr Putin or any more Cossack conquests. But it does seem to me that if the vast majority of the Crimean population want to be back with The Bear it’s their lookout not ours.

If a Scottish majority want home rule they’ll get it, so what’s the difference?

It would be more embarrassing if the rock apes suddenly decided they wanted to make up with the Matadors instead of remaining with the Royals?

Would we send in the gumboots – sorry gunboats – assuming we still have any?

Then there’s Jersey, Isle of Man, Lundy, Scillies and Canvey. You never know do you?

Home rule for The Isle of Wight ? Bring it on!

But somehow, it seems to this old sceptic, all this East/West wrangling among political prima-donnas, pales into insignificance compared with the ongoing rows between councillors flexing their filing cabinets and hard-pressed shopkeepers trying to earn a crust.

Last year I recall it was all about those highly lethal objects called tables and chairs littering the pavements, forcing people into the path of oncoming traffic – in a pedestrianised area no less.

And horror of horrors, an outside ice-cream cabinet!

Now I gather, the threatened legal action over those notoriously dangerous health and safety hazards known as A-boards caused such outrage, the council has been obliged to back down and work with traders to find a solution (Mercury last week). So I should jolly-well think!

One frequently has the impression that election to a council wipes the brain clean of all vestiges of common sense – a bit like MPs it seems. Come on you suits, we’re talking A-boards here, not rocket science.

One has to wonder how many have actually caused accidents or how many councillors actually have experience of running their own businesses – very few of either I suspect.

So here’s a thought – before giving your vote to anybody, find out what they’ve done to deserve it!

Finally some sad tidings I fear. My favourite medical centre is in danger of being knocked off the popularity perch.

No, they haven’t introduced parking charges – tho’ I’d be surprised if it’s not top of someone’s agenda.

This is about that hoary old favourite – patient confidentiality. You may recall I had words on the subject last week and it appears the dastardly tentacles of the Data Protection Act have spread to dear old Stamford Hospital.

More anon but right now, I’d better zip it. I see from official statistics released last week I’m already well past my sell-by date - don’t want to push my luck too far!