A Senior Moment: Does anyone know just where it all went wrong?

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The older I get the more bonkers Britain seems to become.

If it’s not the health and safety brigade busily wrapping everyone and everything in cotton wool - with knobs on, it’s the Euro-meddlers pulling our sovereignty from under our feet, or the politically correct nutters pulling our chains and rattling our cages.

And if it’s none of those things there’s always someone ready and waiting to rob us, cheat us or stab us in the back!

There was a time - in my lifetime - when you could leave your front door unlocked, talk to young strangers without fear of being arrested, or walk in the dark without being molested, when money counted for less than good manners, when the local bobby stopped for a chat and the trains ran on time!

I can also remember when big businesses valued reputation as much as profit, when bonuses were given for success not failure, the customer came first not last and value for money was a reality not a marketing cliché. How did it all go so pear-shaped I wonder?

And why are we as a nation so bent on selling ourselves short?

I was horrified to read recently that apparently more than 90 per cent of the London Olympic Games souvenirs flooding the shops and the internet are being made abroad – mostly in China.

Even the tickets are being printed in America of all places.

For goodness sake why? Are we really no longer able to produce these products?

Whatever happened to all the promises from the organisers - amid all the jubilation and razzmatazz - that our successful bid would boost British business and showcase British industry and expertise?

Surely this was a perfect opportunity to do both - especially at a time when our economy is struggling.

There must be thousands of home- grown businesses who would have given their eye teeth for a finger in this particular pie.

Can you imagine our protectionist Euro “friends” across the channel allowing this to happen? I think not.

No doubt as the games draw near we will be bombarded with spin from the organisers about the benefits enjoyed by all and sundry but it is of little consolation to small businesses struggling to keep heads above water - or to millions of Londoners struggling to get to work!

But I suppose we’re not the only ones to suffer from this lack of ability to produce home grown products depicting our heritage.

When I was in Australia some years ago I searched high and low for a cuddly Koala bear.

They were there in abundance to be sure but not home made and eventually, reluctantly, I had to settle for an import. Where from? China of course.

Very sad. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I had been looking for a Panda!