A Senior Moment: Don’t they care what we think?

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I used to think the unswerving ability of politicians to shoot themselves in the foot was the prerogative of the previous government.

This latest in line of friendly fire casualties has created yet another time wasting distraction. What are these so called representatives of the people thinking? Or are they simply not bothered what we think? Is this yet another example of the contempt and arrogance being displayed by increasing numbers of all-party politicians for the “plebs”? That’s us in case you hadn’t realised!

I once thought the notion that this government is dominated by public school toffs living in a parallel universe was an urban myth created by disaffected Trotskyite loony-tunes. But I fear doubts are beginning to creep into this crinkly old cranium.

Many times in recent years I have read with astonishment about misguided policies which can only be described as sheer stupidity, doomed at birth to failure. Judgements born of ineptitude, resolve based on straws in the wind and decisions from indecisiveness. Confusion rather than common sense appears to be the order-order of the day in Westminster. Clearly nothing has changed, apart from the seating arrangements!

And it seems our very own Nick Boles is an upcoming candidate for membership of this select band of merry men. First he appears to be bent on alienating every pensioner who elected him – as well as all the rest who didn’t. Then he tries to justify his decision to take Hebrew lessons at taxpayers’ expense. Finally adding insult to injury, he seems to think paying the money back makes it all OK.

Not surprisingly his response to criticism (Mercury, September 7) appears to have angered more readers than it appeased (Letters , September 14). But it is not his support for Israel that concerns me – in a democracy everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What is disturbing is that in spite of the overwhelming anger generated by the politicians’ expenses scandal three years ago he could apparently see nothing wrong in using taxpayer’s money to fund a personal interest. And he is not alone I fear.

It is absolutely right to be reimbursed for legitimate expenses incurred solely and exclusively in the course of one’s employment duties. In the dim and distant past, I was in a responsible well-paid job including expenses. But if I had overstepped the mark I would have been booted out on the spot and rightly so. End of story.

Please get your act together Mr C. You’re losing the middle ground!