A Senior Moment: Fun for the young but it’s hard going for some of us

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I see flannel sheets are back in fashion. Apparently, according to Debenhams, there has been a huge surge in demand for this great granny generation garment.

Not surprising if you ask me, as we all struggle to stay warm while struggling to keep our heads above water – and under the bed covers.

Nothing wrong with a bit of good old- fashioned home comfort, especially if you don’t have an electric blanket – essential domestic equipment as far as I am concerned.

Much as the little ’uns love it, this weather is blooming hard on us oldies.

It’s difficult enough staying on our feet as it is, without the treacherous slip-sliding dangers of compacted snow and frozen ice-covered pavements. It’s a postcode lottery.

So, bouquets for those councils who keep the walkways walkable and a raspberry for all those who don’t!

As for keeping the house warm, our oil bill is reminiscent of the days when we had a mortgage - the difference being it’s never ending and there’s nothing to show for it!

And there’s certainly no better alarm to get you up in the morning – albeit starting the day in worry mode, as you hear that 6am ‘clunk’ when the central heating fires up, followed by the glug-glug of liquid gold roaring into the boiler and disappearing up the chimney in a cloud of seriously expensive steam.

It’s the stuff of early morning nightmares!

Then of course there’s the usual media hype stirring it all up and resulting in shelf-stripping panic buying “just in case” – most of which will inevitably get thrown away; politicians blaming it all on the other lot and the sheer joy of travelling anywhere, be it by road, rail or air.

I suppose we should all be duly grateful we haven’t run out of salt this year and the snow hasn’t been the train stopping variety – yet. But give it time!

As for actually venturing outside in the white stuff, it’s all very well for those irritatingly earnest and patronising clever-clogs the BBC insists on interviewing, giving us health and safety advice to keep safe and warm by staying indoors, not travelling anywhere unless it’s essential and generally advocating a tortoise-like hibernation.

Don’t they realise that even for us retired folk, there are things to be done – supplies and sustenance required to keep the wolf from the door daily and dogs to be walked diligently.

You try telling your best friend he has to make do with a quick pee in the garden!

All in all it has to be said this is a pretty miserable time of the year for many and as you younger folk rush about with your busy-busy lives don’t get too impatient with us oldies as we shuffle around gingerly trying to remain upright.

Remember, it’ll happen to you one day – if you’re lucky!

Unfortunately - as Mark Twain once said, “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.”

How very true.