A Senior Moment: It could work if we all pulled together

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Regular readers of this column will know I am not averse to having a pop at the politicians from time to time but I wonder how many oldies out there share my concern that we appear to be entering a new and decidedly unhelpful era of bureaucracy bashing?

It seems every time the coalition comes up with an idea to dig us out of the financial mess they have inherited, it is greeted with howls of anguish by alarmist spin merchants bent on spreading even more doom and gloom throughout the land.

Those of us sufficiently old in the tooth to remember the wartime spirit of camaraderie - prevailing against a common enemy, yearn for a return to the days when it was “all hands to the pumps” to deal with any major crisis confronting us.

But, instead of pulling together to solve our problems, we are now living on a daily diet of back-biting, sniping and bickering from a vociferous collection of politicians, union leaders and local authority suits together with a whinging nimby death wish from self interest groups – all of whom are past masters at pointing out problems with no attempt to solve them.

I have every sympathy with Friends of Bourne Wood in their concerns over its future (Mercury, February 4) and they are right to urge local residents to respond to the consultation document. But I am dismayed at the prospect of every Tom Dick and hairy in the country crawling out of the woodwork (and climbing trees), to protest against each and every proposal regardless of its integrity.

I too have concerns at the prospect of our woodland heritage passing from public ownership but do we really believe the only inevitable alternative to caring and sensitive management control is handing over to a bunch of evil minded gangsters armed with chainsaws and barbed wire?

No government will ever get it all right all the time but I honestly believe the combination of two ideologies is better than one - giving us the best of both worlds, if only they would cut out the in-fighting and are given a chance to get on with it.

Now, while I’m in such a sober mode I must warn you our household is being taken over by ghostly goings on.

I am not talking creaking floor boards (we don’t have any), or transparent apparitions gliding down the stairs (we don’t have any of them either). No, I’m talking inanimate objects with a mind of their own like carefully stored cables turning into untameable tangle monsters.

I’m talking equipment that spies on you, winks at you, speaks to you, clicks and clunks at you, switches itself on and off without your knowledge or consent. It’s true I swear and it could happen to you.

Watch this space.