A Senior Moment: It’s time to ban the screechers – and tell Mac to be quiet too!

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What a weird and wonderful Wimbledon this year. Top seeds falling flat on their faces in the first week – some literally, favourites pushed off the perch and unknown aspirers thrust into the spotlight.

At time of writing, “too good to hurry” Murray’s in mint condition and widely predicted to be game and set to feature in the final. Let’s hope by the time you read this I won’t be eating my words!

There’s no doubt about it, the tennis and the strawberries, have been brilliant this year and I always thought they needed lots of sunshine to flourish – the strawberries that is.

I do have reservations about BBC’s coverage. The camera work – as ever is excellent, but red-button channel hopping has reached epic proportions.

It seems the director is so enthralled by the new digital toy he’s in a constant dilemma what to show where and when. Time after time we’ve been switched channels mid-match and apart from other problems – like recording – there must be many people who do not have the red-button facility. Even superstar Sue seems confused!

My next moan is about Mac the mouth. I do wish someone would tell him to keep it zipped during play – especially serves.

It’s intensely irritating and apparently catching among other commentators who should know better.

Even more irritating are the fair-sex screamers. One screeching damsel is bad enough let alone one at each end! Come on you LTA and WTA bosses, you know it isn’t necessary, you know it can be a deliberate distraction, so for goodness sake ban it.

It’s getting as bad as all those bawling baby-births in soap-land. Finally, can anyone tell me why the much vaunted and highly expensive Centre Court roof always seems to be open when it rains?

On the local scene two letters caught my eye last week. The first criticised South Kesteven District Council for excessively charging a fruit trader £525 a month to sell strawberries in the Tallington layby and the second claimed petty regulations are killing trade in Stamford town centre.

I whole-heartedly agree. We hear much spin about high-street incentives and shopping guru genius but the inescapable fact remains, until parking becomes cheap and easy and the cost of retail premises becomes more affordable and sustainable, high-streets will continue to decline.

It really is time local government suits faced up to this. They should also accept that - like it or not, social media is here to stay.

I can understand their reluctance to allow members of the public to tweet live reports of their meetings but accredited reporters should be allowed – indeed encouraged to do so.

During my career I had considerable involvement with local authorities and I have watched with dismay how public opinion is increasingly ignored and enterprise stifled by growing attitudes of self-importance. It’s time to come down from the ivory towers!