A Senior Moment: It’s time we started putting ourselves first

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I have to say I don’t much like the way this debate on caring for the elderly is shaping up. Far too many arrogant young politicians –barely out of short trousers, are bouncing ideas around about robbing Peter to pay Paul. We being the Peters!

These self-opinionated over-vociferous and under experienced intellectuals, one of whom is no stranger locally, speaking from their gold-plated ivory-tower comfort zones of well-rewarded jobs for which they have no particular qualifications, seem to think they have the right to put the frighteners on pensioners already struggling to exist. I am not talking about the very rich – anyone earning big bucks can afford to do without a few hundred quid. And I am not talking about the very poor – they already have a safety net.

I am talking about millions of ordinary folk who’ve worked hard all their lives, are now on modest pensions and finding themselves stuck in the middle of a precarious balancing act to keep afloat.

They’ve been squeezed so hard the pips are no longer squeaking they’re squawking! They’re the ones who’ve seen their life’s savings eroded through no fault of their own, have never scrounged a penny from the State, for whom the very words “means testing” are a complete and utter anathema and now face the prospect of having to sell the family home to end their lives in dignity and comfort.

Even more worrying to those of nervous disposition, are comments like: “The Liverpool Care Pathway is a fantastic step forward” from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Care Pathway? Sounds more like open season on oldies to me! Why don’t you be honest and just come on out with it. Ailing pensioners are a b***** nuisance and the death pathway is an excellent solution to this irritating problem!

And ageing Deutschlanders must surely be concerned at the prospect of ending their lives in care homes in Eastern Europe and Asia. How devastatingly ironic that a generation who have lived with the shadow of genocide on their shoulders all these years is now apparently facing possible deportation! Especially if like us, they were promised a safe and secure future.

So why can’t we put ourselves first for a change? It beggars belief this government is even considering a staggering 30 per cent increase in overseas aid when there are so many pressing demands on the State purse.

We are already pouring billions of pounds into dubious projects, many of which are in the hands of suspect regimes, sponsoring corruption in the process.

Surely our own needs must be the number one priority? How much longer must we pay conscience money for our past colonialism or to massage bureaucratic egos in Westminster?

Sorry, I know it won’t be popular but someone has to say it. In today’s economic climate, civic charity should begin at home and the sooner the better. So let’s get the economy back on track, then we can dish out the dosh again.