A Senior Moment: It’s welcome to 2014 and now we’re back to earth with a bang

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Well, there it goes, another year bites the dust. Farewell to all the glitz and glitter, the fireworks and festivities, it’s back to earth with a bang - after the Lord Mayor’s Show and all that.

Which reminds me, Rutland County Council need to re-examine their glossy and no doubt expensive ‘Guide to Recycling, Waste Services and Civic Amenity Sites’ booklet. Now I don’t want to rubbish it or anything like that because the weekly calendar is very useful. But it includes the different Christmas and New Year collections for the previous year. So the 2013 edition showed 2012 collections and the new 2014 edition shows 2013 collections - which was very helpful as it arrived after Christmas! Confused? So were we and our black bags remain uncollected. Never mind we’ll just stuff ‘em in the pink bag and hope for the best.

I suspect many will say good riddance to 2013. There have been more than enough natural disasters. Mother Nature certainly remains a force to be reckoned with and it seems however resourceful and inventive mankind may be, when the old girl is in a bad mood, there’s not too much we can do about it. But on the other side of the coin there really is no excuse for the way some members of mankind seem determined to mess-up big time with their misdeeds.

On the domestic front, police recorded an increase in local burglaries and shoplifting in the run up to Christmas. (Mercury December 20) Why do these low-lives think they have a right to help themselves to other people’s property? Do they ever give a thought to the distress and hardship their actions cause? Obviously not and clearly they haven’t a strand of decency in their DNA. Yet the do-gooders continue to blame it all on an unfair society, on the government, our education system, the NHS – anything and everything that lets the miscreants off the hook, instead of supporting victims and urging far greater punishment for those who do cross the line.

Then there’s the growing problem of internet crime. The other day I had one of those “in distress” e-mails purporting to be from a friend. It was the usual con trick. “I’m in Italy, I’ve been robbed, lost all my money, passport etc., please help.” As it happened my better half had seen her the day before and we knew for sure she wasn’t in Italy. But it caused her a lot of aggro and could have cost someone a lot of money. While I’m not suggesting we go as far as chopping off thieving hands – as they do in some countries (‘Though it’s a tempting thought!), we really should make the penalties so severe they act as a real deterrent instead of a feeble slap on the wrist.

Having put away my New Year soap box, I leave you with this thought – when it comes to computers, better to delete than be dot conned!