A Senior Moment: Please don’t kid yourself! Cyprus could happen here

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It seems to this old codger that recent events in Cyprus can be summed up in two words – daylight robbery!

I wonder does anyone else share my unease that we could be witnessing the beginning of the biggest legalised rip-off in history? Think about it.

First the banks stuff up big time, shovelling bucket loads of money at any old Tom, Dick or hard up Harry and having totally overstretched themselves, are bailed out by governments – us the taxpayers that is. Then, all the while handing themselves mega-bucks bonuses, they have kept business lending stagnant, stifling growth and recovery in the process.

Meanwhile what are the politicians doing? Wringing their hands and encouraging the birth of the greatest high street robbery of all time taking place under their disdainful noses. And what are irresponsible bankers doing? Still shelling out bonuses and kicking themselves for not coming up with the idea themselves! Is this a precedent for future raids on sacrosanct savings I have to ask? Nothing except the mattress is safe these days it seems.

And it’s no good kidding ourselves this nightmare is all too far-removed from our fair isle and won’t affect us. The potential knock-on is immeasurable. Remember Finland?

And who will be next I wonder? Because I doubt we have seen the last of this outrageous and immoral act of grand-scale larceny.

The prospect of a “me too” cash grab must be very appealing to hard-pressed Chancellors everywhere.

Meanwhile, back in dear old Blighty, pensioners already frozen to their corn plasters might well be increasingly concerned at noises off from politicians wanting to dip their sticky fingers into our pensions. When Labour’s Dame Anne Begg, usually a hardy campaigner against benefit cuts, said on Radio 4 recently: “The biggest growth in welfare spend is on people who are over pension age,” it sounded more like an accusation than a statement of fact that people are living longer.

She also said “ Pensioners don’t like to think their State pension is a benefit.” Damn right we don’t, not after paying all that money into the pot for so long!

It’s all very well talking vaguely about reductions for “wealthy” pensioners but who and what defines wealth? There has been little concern expressed for those who have seen their life’s savings savagely eroded or for those unfortunate
 ex-pats in Cyprus who have lost large chunks of capital. Are they all regarded as wealthy?

If we are to see more theft of hard earned savings – and I personally have little doubt we will – it is not the truly wealthy who will suffer because they can afford to protect their nest eggs but as usual millions of ordinary folk who are stuck fast like piggy in the middle!

Having started this iniquitous ball rolling, the powers that be should stop it in its tracks and reflect that one day ordinary folk may well say “enough is enough.” And that would make life interesting!