A Senior Moment: Sadly, I feel dubious practices are now the norm

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Oh dear, I am not quite sure why or how, but I seem to have rattled someone’s cage with my “innuendo, cheap sarcastic little quips” and “jokey remarks” about the European Union (Letters last week).

I am certainly not a UKIP devotee, but make no apology for disagreeing with Europhilia and doubt there is too much support among my generation either.

We may be getting stooped but we are not stupid and not likely to forget or forgive the betrayal of our referendum ‘yes’ vote all those years ago.

The fact – as he rightly says, that “gravy trains are all over the place,” hardly makes the Brussels variety any the more palatable, especially when we are all paying such a high price to keep it on the rails!

For years we have witnessed countless examples of blatant self-serving xenophobia (putting it mildly), coming from our friends across the water. It is hardly surprising our own moral standards have declined so much.

Dubious practices have become the norm at the highest levels with a blind eye attitude – almost tacit approval, towards fiddling and cheating. And if you get caught? All you have to do apparently is cop a guilty plea to get your sentence halved!

Every week it seems, there are new revelations of sleaze and corruption across all walks of life and within every shade of respectability. We’ve seen it among politicians, bankers, big businessmen, the medicos and now –heaven help our young folk, apparently in the teaching profession.

It may not be in the same league as politician’s expenses – still rumbling along rapacious rails by all accounts – or the scandalous banking practices and lending lethargy which really does need a good kicking if our business sector is ever to get out of the doldrums. But it still comes as quite a shock to learn there is apparently a culture of cheating among the teaching profession to meet exam targets.

No doubt by the time you read this the mud-slinging will have reached epic proportions on both sides of the blackboard - or whatever PC equipment they use these days. Quite probably some will be heading in my direction. So be it, but one thing is for sure, whoever invented the iniquitous practice of targets and tick boxes has much to answer for!

Never mind, be of good cheer for all is not lost in the chuckle department with the advent of a talking elephant in Korea. I can only assume he is being groomed by the zoo keeper to enable him to make a trunk call! Add this to the long acknowledged talking talents of parrots and more recently discovered abilities of speaking whales, not to mention singing dolphins and you could regard it as a hugely encouraging development – one elephantine step for mankind!

Just think about it. Instead of all the bickering, back stabbing and in-fighting among the politicos, we could just leave all the squabbling to the animals. Simples.