A Senior Moment: Summer has gone once again

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Another month bites the dust. Where has summer gone? Not exactly a washout but hardly a heat-fest either. It’s all a bit depressing, I even saw the C word last week. Can we really be galloping towards the jolly holly already? I’m not even looking forward to Strictly. It just won’t be the same without Brucie. And the “luvvy” line -up doesn’t look too promising either. Oh well, at least the grass won’t need cutting!

Speaking of dust, who on earth dreamed up the ban on high-powered vacuum cleaners? Judging by the high-street rush to bag a biggie, it could well be someone with shares in companies that sell them! And these same Euro-idiots have their eyes on other high-powered items like hairdryers and lawnmowers. We’ll all be using clockwork kettles at this rate! But what really winds me up is less power surely means less efficiency – so isn’t it likely to take more time and cost just as much in the long run? Has anyone done the maths I wonder?

To recline or not recline? That is the question causing a major furore across the pond as a fracas between airline passengers takes off to new heights. I’m a non-recliner myself.

Being a big bloke it’s bad enough fitting my frame into the sardine seating of economy class - the joys of expense account travelling business or first-class, being a dim and distant memory. So I have every sympathy for the passenger who prevented the woman in front of him reclining her seat by fitting a knee defender - a simple gadget which prevents the unnecessary and selfish act of reclining your seat into the face of the person behind. He refused to remove it, she threw a glass of water over him. Both were removed from the aircraft.

A number of airlines have banned the gismo – invented by a 6’3” businessman, but apparently it has taken off on-line so he should be able to upgrade himself away from all the argy-bargy. But it begs the question for the rest of us mere mortals. Should we be able to recline our seat or is it an unnecessary gimmick introduced when aircraft seating was designed with room to spare – an idea now long past its sell-by date? I personally think it has little value other than to intensely irritate the person behind you with a “this is my space” statement by people who like to get their own way. Hence the tantrum when she didn’t!

And back to the dust again, I see the next area of interest to the low-life fraternity is likely to be our dustbins as re-usable rubbish increases in value. I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised - having had a dozen empty carrier bags nicked from my supermarket trolley recently. But does this mean we’ll be woken in the middle of the night by the sound of clanking tins and clinking bottles being extracted from the wheelie?

What a world!