A Senior Moment: Those builders and solicitors should share responsibility

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I am grateful to Brian Bruce for kick-starting my mutterings this week. His question “Why shouldn’t house-builders be held accountable?” (Letters, last week) is valid and pertinent to the flooding we have seen in recent months.

If local authority planners and developers create housing on land which is inappropriate, surely they should bear joint responsibility for any problems that subsequently arise – not forgetting the solicitors involved who clearly had not conducted adequate searches during the conveyancing process.

Of course if people buy a house in the full knowledge it is liable to flood, they must accept the consequences but I must say I don’t ever recall seeing any builder’s advertisements for their beautiful new homes carrying a water- warning!

And I have to wonder, is it the same council suits that created such a fuss about chairs and tables on pavements last year who are responsible for the latest furore about the colour of a shop frontage in Stamford? From interviews on the television coverage last week, I gained the impression local folk were pretty evenly divided – rather like the great Marmite controversy. I personally rather liked it.

Yes it stands out but surely that what a good shop front does. It’s not garish or gaudy, just cheerful. It’s not bad for Stamford’s image – unless it wants to go back to the dark ages, so what’s the problem? And what particular expertise is behind a decision that is so obviously a matter of opinion. Come on you Kesteven kill-joys, lighten up. You say you support your high street businesses yet you continually seem to hit the wrong nail on the head!

For what it’s worth, I share John Morgan’s doubts about the Nick Boles crusade for free parking. (Letters, January 3). Long since a drum banger for free parking as the only realistic saviour of our ailing high streets, I am always suspicious of hidden motives when a politician comes up with such a sensible idea. I rather think we are going to get a lot more of them in the run up to the general election. What a pity few will ever see the light of day!

And what a pity the good news about a company returning to Rutland - creating 75 new jobs, is rather tainted by the fact it is a debt collecting agency. A sign of the times, I fear.

Finally my giggle of the week has to be the story of the bag-snatching thief who tried to steal a holdall from one of a group of 15 or so drinkers who turned out to be senior police officers. He was chased for 100 yards in Soho before being sat upon by marathon runner Sir Hugh Orde – owner of the bag and former Chief Constable of Northern Ireland.

That’s what I call a classy cop. If you’re going to get nicked, do it in style!