A Senior Moment: we stepped up to the bar with opening ceremony

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Four years ago (how time flies) I expressed the hope in this column that 2012 would not attempt to cap the awesome Beijing bonanza which had been variously described as a symbol of peace and harmony, an overwhelming dazzling extravaganza, or a self-serving self- indulgent obscenity.

On the other hand we obviously had to step up to the bar and not appear to be the poor relations - a major dilemma for the organisers.

Well, I have to say this old sceptic thinks they got it absolutely right in the opening ceremony last week and saved a few million quid in the process!

The world may not have understood all the quirky humour and some of the sequences might have needed an instruction manual to follow but no-one could but wonder at the unique flame ceremony and applaud the handover of this honour to young upcoming athletes.

For the first time I have to admit I am beginning to believe all the hype about inspiration to future generations and I have to say even the BBC seemed to be at pains to hide their scepticism and make up for their dismal handling of the Jubilee pageant.

But I am not so impressed by the performance of this queen of pious finger-pointing, when it comes to revelations their handsomely remunerated top stars are being paid “off the books” to minimise tax liability and Auntie’s national insurance contributions.

Legal to the letter it may be but it is certainly not in the spirit of fair play and decency Danny Boyle was trying to convey in his splendid theatrical portrayal of Britain at its best.

Why is it high earners, banks, big businesses and particularly state owned institutions are apparently being allowed to get away with it while we - Joe public - are being admonished by those other master finger waggers - our politicos, that it is morally wrong to pay cash to our trades people?

And what is more immoral – a few quid to the window cleaner or millions hidden off-shore?

To most it must surely be just another insulting slap in the face - proof positive there’s one law for the rich, another for the poverty stricken and yet another for the vast majority stuck in the middle of this almighty mess!

The Olympic Games - and some better weather - have undoubtedly lifted our national spirits and no doubt David Cameron and his merry men are duly grateful for the distraction.

But we all know what follows the Lord Mayor’s Show and I forecast national deflation looms as reality returns.

I doubt this whole outrageous question of bonuses, excessive remuneration and tax evasion will go away any time soon.

So, Mr C, some good news is long overdue please. Throw us some crumbs of comfort. Make some concessions we can all enjoy – not just the well off or those on benefits.

I guarantee you’ll gain a lot of points - and a lot of votes - if you do!