A Senior Moment: Weird world of internet shopping

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They say there’s no fool like an old fool so I guess my advancing years mean it’s finally time to accept my quota of senior moments is on the increase and my ability to tackle new challenges without second thought, is well and truly in decline.

For ages I have toyed with the notion – even dabbling once or twice before a scuttling retreat into my comfort zone, but at last I have taken my courage in both hands, cast aside doubts, thrown caution to the wind and taken the plunge. I’ve bought a couple of Christmas presents on line. How sad is that?

I have to say, my hesitant venture into the weird and wondrous world of internet shopping is not a procedure I am comfortable with. Many sites require a degree in something or other and are impossible to navigate.

So this pea brain invariably ends up getting thoroughly confused, crotchety and frustrated. And there’s always the worrying question: Can you trust them with your lolly?

I mean it’s a bit like handing over your credit card to a dodgy doorstep salesman. Or a politician. I know it’s supposed to be safe and secure and all that but you can’t even trust the banks these days can you? And who knows who’s eavesdropping on your e-mails? Even when you shop with reputable organisations you’re not safe. I sent some birthday flowers to my missus a while ago. You know the drill, scoring brownie points and all that. Well that bit worked all right – got let off Co-op trolley duty for a fortnight, but they haven’t stopped bombarding me with un-missable offers ever since. I mean come on. Let’s not overdo the lovey-dovey stuff for the ladies – they might get used to it!

Then there was the new vacuum cleaner purchased last year. They still keep sending me offers on different models. How many vacuum cleaners do they think we need for goodness sake?

Where was I? Oh yes. Christmas presents. Two. Bought on line. Very trendy for a couple of oldies. The first we ordered back in September and all went well – but for the usual follow up bombardment. The second was from a reputable American company. Good site, easy-peasy to order but a tad later than intended. You know what’s coming don’t you? It didn’t arrive in time. Very disappointing.

A photo attached to an apology isn’t quite the same as the feverish joy of ripping off the wrapping paper is it? A week later we were still waiting, then at last the parcel arrived – plus a bill for 25 quid. Yes this old noddle of mine had completely forgotten it would attract import duty!

So this Christmas I was the unwitting and unwilling donor of £17 to HMRC in the guise of import VAT and £8 to Parcelforce for the privilege of handing over my money to them. I really should have known better but as they say . . !