A Senior Moment: What’s going on with our Mars Bars?

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I really don’t know what is worse, politicians behaving like footballers or footballers behaving like politicians! I’m thinking handshake snubs in case you haven’t guessed.

First we see our Prime Minister’s proffered hand being snubbed by President Sarkozy in an ill-disguised tantrum at not getting his own way, then a few weeks later we see a couple of overpaid footballers behaving in exactly the same childish manner.

Judging by recent events the two political protagonists are now all lovey-dovey again - in front of the cameras anyway - as for Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra, I never did quite grasp what that was all about and for all I know they might still be slugging it out in the dressing room in true footballing fashion.

Unfortunately it seems, highly paid does not necessarily mean highly intelligent - for footballers or politicians!

Of much greater concern is news that Mars Bars are being reduced in size as - wait for it - “A genuine attempt to help combat obesity.”

Funny, I seem to have heard that one before - it must have been the last time they reduced the size with no reduction in price! I really don’t know who manufacturers think they are kidding with their back door price increases.

It’s a bit like all these furniture sales. Sell it in one shop in the Outer Hebrides at a higher price for a few weeks - so they can legitimately claim a reduction of some massive and totally unrealistic amount. It’s a cynical practice in widespread use and in the old days it would have been regarded as dishonest, somewhat shady at the very least. Now it’s an accepted marketing ploy. How things have changed.

But it is funny isn’t it that some things never change – when it suits the powers that be that is.

I read with interest suggestions to lock Stamford town centre alleyways at night – to prevent vandalism, graffiti and fouling, have been rejected by Lincolnshire County Council (Mercury, February 10).

If I have understood the ruling correctly it is because the lanes are classed as through routes and cannot be blocked off at night. Why not? We live in an ever changing world and must surely adapt to changing needs and circumstances. To fit gates would hardly damage Stamford’s heritage - I cannot be the only one to remember the days when the A1 ran through the town centre.

There must have been many “can’t doers” when the bypass was first mooted. Thank goodness the “can doers” won the day. It must be extremely unpleasant for shopkeepers having to clear up after revellers and we really cannot expect a 24/7 police presence.

So I have a suggestion to make. Identify the council officers who ruled against the idea and supply them with buckets, mops and plenty of elbow grease!