A Senior Moment: Whatever happened to common sense?

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Is this it? Have we really sunk to completely lacking in common sense? Are we really all so stupid we have totally lost the ability to look after ourselves?

Are we so utterly dependent on the nanny state to tell us how to tie our own shoelaces, blow our own noses and comb our own hair - let alone other bodily unmentionables in a family newspaper? Apparently so according to the level two health alert issued by Public Health England.

Who? You might well ask. One of those daffy quangos Mr Cameron promised he’d rid us of apparently, crawling out of the woodwork to tell us to stay out of the sun, drink plenty of water and turn off the central heating because there’s a heatwave! Who on earth are these people and why are they paid good money to come up with such utter twaddle? Who appoints them? What qualifications do they have and why are they still around when we’re desperately trying to save money? Come on Mr C, stick to your pre-election promises and get rid. You might even gain a few more votes. I fear you’re going to need them.

Now, here’s a surprise. Something coming out of Belgium I actually agree with. What a splendid way to deal with unwelcome travellers. No violence, no confrontation, just blast them out with music. 95 decibels of Dire Straits to be precise. After firstly refusing to leave their illegal squat in the town of Landen, they were gone within hours. Home-grown Local Authority suits please note. And for even quicker results – what about a dose of Danny Boy!

Whilst we’re across the pond, I see French railway suits are at it again. Having previously ordered 2,000 trains which were an inch too wide for many rural platforms, apparently some thirty escalators installed in 2006 on the Paris Metro have been jamming because – wait for it, they are four inches too wide.

Good job they don’t still have the guillotine, I reckon there’d be a few chaps in for the chop!

Speaking of chops – well ham actually, how extraordinary a woman could be refused to be served ham and wine in a Tesco store because it was Ramadan and against the cashier’s Muslim beliefs - a stance apparently supported by the manager. Tesco have subsequently apologised to the customer and the cashier has been “spoken to.” But his beliefs are unlikely to change and Tesco are hardly going to shut down their off licences or deli-departments during Ramadan are they? So this isn’t the end of a matter which surely should have been resolved when he was employed - not left until he was serving customers. I await the outcome with interest.

Finally I am glad to see I’m not alone in condemning the level of Overseas Aid (Nigel Pleasants’ letter July 18th). Be prepared for some flack from the do-gooders Nigel, but I for one am well and truly on your side!