A Senior Moment with John Docker: Let’s have less doom and gloom

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I don’t suppose advertising guru Sir Martin Sorrell – head of WPP, won many friends last week when he claimed in a television interview his basic pay of £1m - not to mention benefits and bonuses taking it up to £4m plus - is ‘very low’.

And I doubt he would be too welcome on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. Which is a pity, because many of these misguided protestors might learn something useful from him!

Being an ex-advertising man, I have always held him in high regard as an icon of achievement in the industry. Regrettably his remarks will be seen as another example of ‘them and us’, whereas in truth we need many more like him if the rest of us mere mortals are ever to get out of the financial mess we’re in.

Government should be communicating with successful people, not castigating them. Envy is contagious!

I do not for one moment applaud his comments or the practice of obscene salaries, but I do get angry when television interviewers belittle achievement as a matter of course.

They have become far too hostile to be impartial and far too full of their own importance to be objective.

Impatient, aggressive, bullying, are adjectives which come readily to mind. A determination to get the answers they want, adding another dimension to an unhealthy media tendency to make the news instead of reporting it.

There have always been pushy presenters – hands up those who remember Gilbert Harding? But they were the exception rather than the rule.

Nowadays, we have a plethora of programmes which seem to be influencing the entire news casting scenario and dear old - unbelievably biased - auntie Beeb is the principal perpetrator!

Sunday Morning Live, The Politics Show, Daily Politics and Newsnight all have this antagonistic approach to just about any and every issue and in my humble opinion it has moved from constructively critical to downright deliberately destructive.

Tough questioning yes but for goodness sake, ask your questions then at least let us listen to the answers.

Life is depressing enough currently. The vast majority of us are having to tighten belts and buckle braces.

We certainly do not need fat cat condescension, but neither do we need everything to be talked down and denigrated by point scoring politicians and self opinionated presenters. My generation has lived through all this before and younger folk will almost certainly have to live through it all again. Get used to it and get on with it!

Meanwhile let’s have less gloom and doom mongering and more innovative ideas – like the recently announced Mercury-backed Local Business Accelerators. Absolutely brilliant! Free advertising for fledging enterprises could mean the difference between growth or going under. I have one message for eligible businesses. Go for it!