A Senior Moment with John Docker: Ship them out - these dreadful protesters

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It’s that “special to the oldies” day again. How quickly it seems to come around. Time certainly flies as you reach the big Os – whether you’re enjoying yourself or not!

Around the world millions of people of all ages, nationalities and beliefs will be remembering loved ones and friends lost in the madness of war.

But how many others I wonder, will bother to interrupt their frenetically busy lives, pausing in silence at the 11th hour on this, the 11th day of the 11th month, as a mark of respect to those who gave their lives so that the rest of us could live in peace?

Increasingly fewer in number I fear, which is very sad. Younger generations really do not realise how close we came to losing the freedom and liberties we now take for granted and which so many tend to abuse in the self-obsessed society of today.

And how many others will continue to exploit the privilege of living in this country with their obsessed ranting against our beliefs, our society and particularly our heroic service personnel – as witnessed last year and threatened this weekend with the promised “hell for heroes” protest.

Why these contemptible people – who dare to describe our soldiers as criminals, choose to live in a country among its people they clearly hate so much, is beyond me. Perhaps it is because they know their outrageous behaviour would not be tolerated elsewhere!

I for one am sick to death of their continued onslaught on our way of life under the protective banner of our misguided politically correct laws.

I suspect I am not alone in suggesting that if we have a repeat performance this weekend, the offenders should be frog-marched to the nearest banana boat and shipped out to sea!

Such behaviour is utterly disgraceful and totally unacceptable. For once this over-tolerant society should treat these people with the contempt they have earned and show them the zero tolerance they deserve.

As for their human rights – they don’t warrant any.

And while we are about it, let’s find room on board for the Fifa officials who initially banned the England football team from wearing poppies at their friendly match against Spain tomorrow. You might think this corrupt and discredited body would be happy to bend the rules to earn back some respect. After all it’s unlikely Fifa would even exist if it weren’t for the heroism of all those people the poppy commemorates.

As for the last minute compromise – black armbands? What a cop out. So come on all you under-achieving, overpaid footballers. Defy Fifa. Wear your poppy with pride where it belongs and to hell with the consequences.

With the exception of a handful of low-lifes, the entire nation will be rooting for you!