A Senior Moment with John Docker: They did not ‘get it right’ on Olympics tickets

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A mixed bag for you this week. More worrisome woe for the wrinklies as another depressing study confirmed what most oldies have suspected for years - the daily diet of drugs dished out by the docs could be doing more harm than good, according to research at East Anglia University which showed that patients taking a cocktail of drugs could be putting themselves at risk.

But don’t panic. Just keep taking the tablets and contact your GP – it says here.

Funny, I thought they prescribed the pills in the first place! And don’t worry, following another survey, those kind and caring people at the health watchdog Nice are telling doctors to ensure we are properly treated to “end our days with dignity”. So that’s all right then!

How gloomy can you get? I much preferred the stories of grey haired Glastonbury fans sloshing their way to the music festival and the 91-year-old gent who took up ballet dancing at the ripe old age of 80 and is still at it – if you’ll pardon the expression.

Now I must admit I have no desire or intention whatsoever of messing around in the mud to music or twirling on my toes in a tutu but I do admire any aging contemporaries who feel so inclined.

I also take my hat off to those who are prepared to speak their minds even if it puts their career or standing at risk.

Our service chiefs were surely right to express their concerns about our military commitments and did not deserve to be publicly put down by the Prime Minister.

Rather than “you do the fighting, I’ll do the talking”, a less flippant and more politically appropriate response would have been “you do the fighting we’ll do the listening”.

Now that would make a change!

And triple gold medallist Bradley Wiggins has just cause to describe the Olympic Games ticketing system as “a bit of a shambles” when he is unable to obtain tickets for family and friends to watch him represent his country in the velodrome.

Meanwhile back in the la-la land of political spin, Olympic Minister Jeremy Hunt and Lord Coe insist they “got it right”. I rather think 1.2 million disappointed applicants would disagree!

Finally, didn’t you just love the story last week of the Stamford couple who caused a bit of a stir by displaying a replica of Michelangelo’s famous nude David statue on their doorstep?

They have moved it behind a bush after being told by the housing warden that “people did not want to look at him” and it could cause offence.

I wonder if there would have been similar outcry if the statue had been Venus de Milo, or would that be considered armless!

As for the couple’s other classical replica - the Manneken Pis, one has to ask is this a case of predilection for male attributes or were you simply taking the Manneken?