Editor’s comment: Record breaking Jade Etherington; 999 targets

Stamford. Photo: SM240712-003ow
Stamford. Photo: SM240712-003ow
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Paralympics skier Jade deserves her place in record books:

Words can’t begin to adequately describe my admiration for 23-year-old Jade Etherington.

This young woman has a serious eyesight problem and is partially-sighted. But she has made history by becoming the first disabled Briton to win a medal at the winter Paralympics.

So far she has skied her way to three medals, two silver and a bronze, and she was hoping perhaps to have added another medal to her tally today.

I cannot imagine what is must be like to ski down a mountain at speeds of up to 70mph, let alone ski that fast when you can’t see what’s happening in front of you.What an amazing young woman to display such a fearless attitude and what a wonderful example to set to us all. David Cameron spoke for all of us when he said he was proud of what she had achieved.

Meeting 999 targets

It’s good news that East Midlands Ambulance Service has decided to put on hold its huge plans to reorganise, which would have seen ambulance stations in Stamford, Bourne and Oakham closing.

Ambulance services all over the country are struggling to meet their targets, both in the time taken to reach patients and financially, and it is reassuring that the new chief executive wants to concentrate on those before pushing on with any reorganisation.

The figures revealed a week or so ago which showed that hundreds of people in Britain have died because of ambulance service-related problems were truly shocking and it seems that every week there is a report – sadly often from an inquest – of delays causing a death.

I am sure we wish the new Emas boss Sue Noyes the best of luck in her new role.