Joyce Lucas: Ensuring the best possible outcomes!

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This week I am going to write about insurance policies – please don’t switch off. Insurance can mean different things to different people.

Naturally insurance covers home, car, valuable personal items and . . . life.

It is no use saying “Oh somebody else can pick up the tab”. Insurance is your responsibility. Take life style for instance. Do we drink too much alcohol? Do we buy too many ready-made meals? Have we lost the art of cooking?

Which leads me on to my visit to the new fruit and veg shop in Oakham. What a great pleasure to be greeted with a smile, to have time to chat about recipes and to buy quality products. The shop is light and airy and very clean.

It has a range of olive oils and sauces. So why not give it a try?

I watched with interest the young people sitting in the shade of a mature tree during the summer holidays. Luckily someone had the forethought of planting the tree in the first place. Another good insurance policy.

How many times do I get asked the question at supermarkets (usually by the younger check out assistant) “Do you want a bag?”

I always answer: “No thank you, I am trying to save the planet for you.”!

Another insurance policy.

Which brings me nicely onto the old chestnut of defibrillators which are now scattered around the county.

The 26th machine will soon be installed on the wall at the fitness centre in Princess Avenue, Oakham, which is grant aided by our local Rutland charity, the Karen Ball Fund.

Easy to use and a colourful bright yellow case it is a piece of equipment which could save your life. I hope it is never used but it is a great insurance policy.

I watched the Last Night of the Proms conducted for the very first time by a female, Marin Alsop, who gave an inspirational message at the end of the night.

At the tender age of nine she told her parents that she wanted to be a conductor of an orchestra. Her parents encouraged her and she now conducts two orchestras in America. An insurance policy for the continuation of classical music.

As people will know I have always been champion for music in schools, as Marin said, somewhat of a sideline in many teaching establishments.

This week I received a letter from a bownie unit guider (as they are called nowadays) asking if there are any unusual projects I could think of which could do with sprucing up. ‘

“We have a full unit who are looking forward to some exciting challenges”, it said. “Can you help us find some unusual venues that may need a wash and brush up? Changes have taken place to help girl guiding continue to grow and flourish enabling more girls to fulfil their potential and make a difference to the world.”

Now that is what I call an insurance policy!