Joyce Lucas: The truth is, I am old ... and I don’t care

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The 1st October is ‘Older Persons’ Day’ so this time I am going to write about being old. Personally, I don’t care being labelled old, older, OAP, senior citizen ... the truth of the matter is I am old and there is no getting away from it. It happens to everyone.

I sat next to a gentleman at a band concert recently and he asked ‘How did you feel when you realised that you were old?’

Age, as far as I am concerned, is just a number. It is more important to take stock of what you have done during your lifetime and to ask what have you achieved?

There, I’ve got that off my chest.

Recently I have been fortunate to meet some very interesting people.

I met the owners of vintage tractors and farm machinery in Melton Mowbray.

It was an evening of pure nostalgia as my father owned a threshing machine, in the good old days.

As Rutland is a very rural community there must be many people who remember this era.

The only snag I met that night was that as I prepared to leave, a huge combine harvester went past and, yes you’ve guessed it, I had to follow it almost to Oakham at a speed of about 28 mph which was good for fuel consumption!

Congratulations are in order to Oakham and Uppingham in Bloomers.

These volunteers do a wonderful job of adding beauty and colour to our Rutland towns.

Congratulations to the people who organise, supply and water the brilliant hanging baskets.

This year they have been the best ever. It takes a lot of planning to create such a show.

Already gardeners are planning next year’s themes and I wonder if anyone could donate unwanted bluebells, cowslips, primroses and foxglove plants or seeds to me as I have an idea for a wild flower meadow. Please ring 01572 755718 if you can help.

I was asked in a telephone survey this week ‘Do you think there is less respect by the young?’ Well, it is difficult to generalise on such a broad subject.

People are different in many ways. Some older people are rude, discourteous and pushy. Some younger people are more or less as bad.

However, on the whole I find the younger generation are wonderful.

It is such a pity that health and safety and the ‘sue at any cost’ society gets in the way. I seems to have become a crime to stop to talk to children.

I smile sometimes when I see young women ( and men) with dyed hair. I remember when I was 18 years old I dyed my hair green.

I was shooting in an archery tournament and in those day there were strict rules about wearing Lincoln Green or white on the shooting line.

So I went the whole way and dyed my hair to match the criteria.

There is nothing new in this world!