Viewpoint: Great work for our young people

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What a wonderful initiative National Citizens Service is. Teenagers get involved on community projects during the school holidays.

As we report today, some of the activities are fun and designed to encourage the young people to work as a team, building their self-confidence at the same time.

Other activities involve carrying out work at care homes - doing a bit of gardening, painting and decorating and so on.

So instead of twiddling their thumbs this summer, the teenagers are really doing something useful.

All credit to them - and the people who came up with the idea.

Delicious idea

Stamford Community Orchard Group is organising DNA testing on an apple it believes could be one of the “lost” local varieties.

It would be wonderful if that proves to be the case. I’m all for singing the praises of this country’s food heritage. And one thing’s for sure, today’s apples in the supermarkets don’t taste the same as those I enjoyed when I was a child.

Kind souls

Good to hear that the Street Pastors believe they are having a calming effect on Stamford town centre during the evening and night-times. I greatly admire these volunteers. It can’t be easy to speak to some drunken folk, but the pastors manage it with kindness and gentle words.