Owner’s shock as cats die from poisoning

Jayne Clarke's poisoned cats Colin and Princess
Jayne Clarke's poisoned cats Colin and Princess
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A PET owner is reiterating a warning about anti-freeze after her two cats died from poisoning.

Jayne Clarke, of Caesar Close, Baston, contacted the Mercury to highlight the dangers after her 18-month-old cats Colin and Princess died.

Jayne Clarke and husband Ian with Chaz

Jayne Clarke and husband Ian with Chaz

She first noticed a problem when she saw Princess, a male cat who they initially thought to be female, fall into the pond in their garden on Wednesday, January 18.

Jayne said: “They were fit and healthy cats so it was a real surprise to see him so groggy.

“We thought he was in shock so we put him on his bed and left him until tea time. We fed him and as he came out of his bed, his back legs went and he had this seizure so we knew we had to act really quickly.”

As Jayne, who works for a recruitment agency, lifted him up, Princess bit her thumb.

Jayne and her husband Ian, 46, who is an engineer, took Princess to Animates vets in Thurlby, where he had to be put to sleep.

They returned home to find their second cat Colin was vomiting and when his back legs went from under him, Jayne contacted the vets and he was rushed in to be put on a drip.

But Colin also had to be put to sleep on Sunday, January 22, when it became clear he wasn’t getting any better.

Jayne, 45, said: “It was absolutely devastating. The vets said it was poisoning. They couldn’t say for definite that it was anti-freeze poisoning but because of the time of year that’s what it’s likely to be. We didn’t realise that it tasted sweet to cats.”

The couple, who are parents to Steven, 17, and Lauren, 21, have a third tabby cat called Chaz and Jayne said she was now reluctant to let him out of the house.

Jayne had to have an operation to wash the infection out of her thumb where Princess bit her. She is due to have the stitches out on Monday.

She said: “It was just a horrible way for the cats to die and I would dread to think of other cats suffering the same fate. I hope my story helps other cat owners be more aware of the dangers.”

Last week the Mercury featured Mags Wilkins, of Wittering, whose two cats also died from anti-freeze poisoning.