Park could house gym equipment

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A PARK could be getting £10,000 worth of improvements.

Groundworks Lincolnshire is working with Bourne United Charities and Bourne Green Gardeners on installing exercise equipment and bridges at the Wellhead, off South Street, Bourne.

The volunteer gardening group had started a project to create a boardwalk and two bridges to link the park to an island. The group will be receiving extra help to finish this off.

No firm decision has been made on the gym equipment but the project could include pull-up bars and balancing beams being installed. The equipment will be made out of natural materials.

Groundworks and park owners, Bourne United Charities are working out the exact details of the plan.

Last month The Local reported that time was running out for Groundworks to spend the £10,000 given by NHS Lincolnshire to encourage teenagers and adults to exercise outdoors.

At that point Groundworks did not have any firm plans to spend the money, despite having it for nearly a year.

Plans to spend the money on installing gym equipment at Bourne Wood were shelved last year.

Finance and resource manager Keith Bourne was pleased to be moving the project on.

He said: “We are thrilled that after all the background to this that we have a way forward.”

Mr Bourne said that issue of maintaining the equipment is still to be sorted.