Paul hopes Sahara trek will raise awareness

Paul Brown
Paul Brown
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A businessman has just returned from a 100 kilometre trek in the Sahara which he hopes will raising awareness of a degenerative eye disease.

Paul Brown is also raising money for research into retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition where those affected like him suffer gradual but progressive sight loss which could eventually lead to blindness.

Over four days, the 50 year old from Caithness Road, Stamford, and a team of 22 other sufferers, trekked up to 11 hours a day in the Western Sahara, in temperatures of around 40C.

Paul said: “It was a tough challenge, but the comradeship and humour of fellow trekkers got us through.

“Heat and thirst were the main two demons that we had to fight. We had to consume five litres of water a day.”

Retinitis pigmentosa affects 25,000 people in the UK.

Paul, who went on the trek with 22 other sufferers, said their aim was to fund further research into the condition for which there is currently no cure or treatment.

The father of nine-year- old Niall, who runs a Kleeneze home shopping business with part time help from his care worker wife Nicola, 43, said: “I used to fall over and trip and didn’t always see the ball when playing games. But I put it down to clumsiness.

“It was not until I was 17 year old that I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa.

“I have night blindness, limited peripheral vision and patch frontal vision. If there is no treatment or cure eventually my vision will deteriorate.

“That is why we are on a mission to find some sort of cure, not just for myself but for future generations.”

Paul hopes to raise £2,500 for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) Fighting Blindness, which work to fund research to find a cure for the condition and provides support to those affected.

He has already raised £1,100, thanks mostly to donations from his Kleeneze customers and distributors and family and friends. He will be undertaking more feats in the coming months to top up the total.

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