Pedestrian hit by car needs help to track down driver

Mary Dos Santos Justo at home in Stamford following hit and run in Station Road
Mary Dos Santos Justo at home in Stamford following hit and run in Station Road
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A pedestrian was left with serious leg injuries after being hit by a motorist who failed to report the incident to police.

Mary Dos Santos Justo, 51, was walking to a friend’s house in Stamford when she was struck by a car while crossing Station Road.

Although the driver initially stopped at the scene, he later left without leaving his details or contacting the police.

Following the incident, at around 8.30pm on February 13, Mary was taken to Peterborough City Hospital where she stayed for a week after and underwent surgery to repair her badly broken left leg.

Metal plates and pins were used during the operation, and Mary also required a bone graft – where bone from a donor is used to replace missing or damaged bone in the patient.

Mary, who is a self-employed management consultant, also suffered a broken metatarsal in her left foot, and nerve damage.

She said: “I was crossing Station Road, near to the almshouses, and looked both ways before stepping out as I always do.

“The next thing I knew, I was on the ground in extreme pain.

“A car had hit my left side, flipping me onto the bonnet and then throwing me back onto the road.

“I think the car had turned right into Station Road, from the direction of St Mary’s Hill.”

Mary was left in the road, near to the pavement, and said she was in extreme pain and a state of shock.

Mary said the motorist is believed to have been driving a red Rover 25 with a number plate beginning ‘Y51’.

Mary’s job involves a daily commute to London, but she is currently using a wheelchair and walking frame and has not been able to leave her home in the town centre.

She intends to take legal action to cover the cost of lost earnings but first the motorist needs to be found.

Mary added: “I don’t feel angry towards the driver, just disappointed he didn’t obey the law and report his involvement in an accident.

“He did come and see me initially but I was in shock and not totally aware of what was going on. I did not see him leave and he has not reported it to police.

“The pain I have experienced recently has been indescribable. I’m stuck at home and have been trying to do a bit of work but I need to be in London.

“Getting up the stairs is very difficult. It’s been a really difficult time for me.”

Mary has been told she will be able to walk again when her injuries heal, but she may not be as mobile as she was prior to the collision.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman confirmed officers are investigating the incident, adding: “We have not been able to trace the driver, who did initially stop to see if the woman was OK.

“The vehicle was believed to be a red Rover or similar and anyone with information should call 101 quoting incident number 114 of February 14.”