Perfect Christmas presents

Katie Clarke and Martin Ackroyd with Hailey Rose
Katie Clarke and Martin Ackroyd with Hailey Rose
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IT was a Christmas not to forget for two families after they welcomed the best gift of all - a new baby.

Stieg Loy arrived three days late and was born at 4.26pm on Christmas Day weighing 9lb 1oz, but not without creating a bit of drama for his proud parents Karina and Henrik first.

Mum and dad Karina and Henrik Loy with baby Stieg.

Mum and dad Karina and Henrik Loy with baby Stieg.

Karina, 32, started having contractions in the early hours of Christmas Day and was rushed to hospital by her husband Henrik, 35.

But in the heat of labour, Karina directed Henrik, who is a staff captain for Royal Caribbean Cruises and had just returned from 10 weeks away, to the old Peterborough District Hospital.

The few remaining staff at the old hospital were so concerned Karina was about to give birth they called an ambulance to rush her to Peterborough City Hospital.

Karina said: “The contractions were just insane so I wasn’t really thinking straight.”

Luckily the family, of Banks Crescent, Stamford, didn’t miss out on their festive celebrations. As Henrik is Norwegian, they follow the tradition of celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve and the couple’s 19-month-old daughter Maribel spent the day with her aunt in Ryhall.

Karina said: “We really didn’t want him to be born on Christmas Eve because that’s when we celebrate so before my due date I ate lots and lots of pineapples!”

Karina and Stieg, whose name is Norwegian for wanderer, returned home on Boxing Day.

Karina said: “He’s a really content baby and Maribel really loves him and keeps kissing him.”

There was also drama for new mum Katie Clarke and partner Martin Ackroyd, of St Paul’s Gardens, Bourne, who welcomed their daughter Hailey Rose.

Katie, 19, was due to give birth on Boxing Day but was woken by contractions at 8am on Christmas Eve and finally gave birth to Hailey, weighing 6lb 9oz, at 5.35pm on Christmas Day.

Care assistant Katie said: “Hailey is the best Christmas present. She is an excellent baby.”

Katie went to Peterborough City Hospital on Christmas Eve but the couple were sent home as Katie was in the early stages of labour.

As the contractions became worse Katie and Martin, 23, returned to the hospital at 9.30am on Christmas day with Katie’s mum Claire, of Doctors Lane, Rippingale.

Staff had to help asthma sufferer Katie after she nearly collapsed due to an air bubble outside her lung.

They returned home on Tuesday.

Hailey shares her middle name with her mum and it is a family name for Martin.