Petition launched by Bourne Town Football Club against Bourne skatepark

Zac Pinchen, front centre, with friends Ollie Hill, Jordan Cotton, Alexander Thomas, Jimi Walder, David Antcliffe, Mason King, Dion Iredale, Nathan Davies
Zac Pinchen, front centre, with friends Ollie Hill, Jordan Cotton, Alexander Thomas, Jimi Walder, David Antcliffe, Mason King, Dion Iredale, Nathan Davies
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A PETITION has been started against plans for a skatepark in Bourne.

It has been organised by Bourne Town Football Club and already has 50 signatures from people opposing the skatepark on the Abbey Lawn.

The Dimension Park committee which is hoping to raise more than £115,000 for the skatepark and BMX track revealed the location to Bourne Town Council last week.

Bourne United Charities, which owns the Abbey Lawn, has offered a plot of land next to the football club’s ground.

This prompted concerns from the club about noise and a possible increase in vandalism and litter.

Club secretary Bob Lambert said: “We just don’t want it on the Abbey Lawn.

“I want to register our strongest disapproval at the proposal by Bourne United Charities to offer the land on the Abbey Lawn to the skateboarders.”

Mr Lambert said neighbours would be disturbed until 10pm in summer, at which time the Abbey Lawn gates are locked.

He said: “It is bound to affect the neighbours. Who wants to sit out in their gardens with that noise going on?”

Mr Lambert says people already congregate in the club’s stand, leaving a mess behind and he fears increased footfall will add to the problem.

He added: “The football club will fight this all the way.”

The Abbey Lawn is also home to the town’s cricket, tennis, bowls and petanque clubs, as well as Bourne Outdoor Pool.

Dimension Park committee chairman Zac Pinchin said: “I can see their point but I don’t think it would be too much of an issue.

“The site is on the Abbey Lawn and it is out of the way from most of the other facilities, so there won’t be much change in things really.”

Zac, 18, a sixth former at Bourne Academy, said: “If the fear of people sheltering in the football club stand is a big issue, we as a committee would be willing to go back and look at the possibility of including a shelter in our proposal.

“However, people are unlikely to use the skatepark in the wet anyway.”

He added: “The skating community in Bourne is growing and it is bigger the younger the age group.

“A skatepark would encourage young people to continue with the sport and keep them out the way.”

Chairman of trustees at Bourne United Charities Trevor Hollinshead backed the youngsters on the Dimension Park committee.

Mr Hollinshead said: “Wherever it has been planned in Bourne there has always been an attitude of not in my back yard.

“Any concerns that have been sent to us will be put before the trustees at the end of the month.

“I am very aware of the concerns and they will be given our full attention.”

Mr Hollinshead added: “This is only the start of this project. There is still a lot of money to be raised and a lot of work to be done before anything happens.

“There is some credit due to the youngsters for taking this project forward.”

The group needs to raise at least £115,000.

Planning permission would also be needed before the skatepark could be built. An application is yet to be submitted.

The next meeting of the Bourne United Charities trustees will take place on April 26.