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Opposition to proposals for 110 affordable homes by the Longhurst Group and a plan for an 80-bed care home on land to the east of Beaufort Drive in Bourne

A resident wants a proposal for a 110-home development and a care home to be dropped because they believe it would cause traffic ‘mayhem’.

Jane Connolly, from the Beaufort Drive and Bourne Local Action Group, is concerned about a plan by Longhurst Homes for 110 affordable homes on land to the east of Beaufort Drive in Bourne.

A planning application has been submitted by Alysia Caring to South Kesteven District Council for an 80-bed care home and 22 retirement flats to be built.

A map of the site
A map of the site

The 61-year-old care worker, who lives near Beaufort Drive, said: “It’s going to cause mayhem on the A15 and there is going to be at least two cars per house so that is 220 cars already.

“With the care home, there will be over 300 cars coming out onto North Road.

“The cars are also going to go past the only playground at Bourne Green that we have in the north of the town.

Jane was also concerned about access and exit through Beaufort Drive and feels the homes will be in the wrong place because people living in affordable homes ‘need easy access to transport and jobs’.

She added she wanted it ‘stopped’ because it is not in the local plan.

Jane also said there was no need for another care home in Bourne.

A Longhurst Group spokesman, said: “Throughout this process, we have demonstrated that there is a significant need for further affordable housing in Bourne to help prevent people from being priced out of living in this fantastic town.

“As concluded in the transport assessment that accompanied the planning application, the development’s impact on the local highway network and, in particular, the junction of Beaufort Drive and North Road, would be minimal.

“As part of the process, the highways authority will be consulted on the planning application and will have the opportunity to review this assessment, which was prepared using the council’s methodology.

“As with all statutory consultees, all responses will be considered and necessary alterations will be made to the proposals to ensure that any impact is appropriately mitigated.

“While the proposed development is located on the outskirts of the town, it is still within reasonable walking distance of the centre and its associated facilities.”

Joga Atwal, chief executive of Alysia Caring Group, said: “We have put a lot of work into this project and we don’t just do it on a whim.

“We’ve done our studies. We’ve spoken to the council, the Clinical Commissioning Group and they have all said there is demand for a care home in Bourne.

“Even by building this care home, it still would not satisfy the demand in Bourne.

“As a private investor, we would not be spending £10million of our money on a whim.

“We have involved the whole community at public consultations and we’ve had both positive and negative comments.

“It will create 70,80 full-time and part-time jobs over a 24-hour period."

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