Plans for giant solar park near scrapyard in South Fen Road, Bourne

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Plans for a giant solar park on the outskirts of Bourne which would be one of the largest in the country have been revealed this week.

Renewable energy company Mosscliff Environmental intends to submit a planning application for a 74-acre solar park off South Fen Road, leading to Long Drove road.

The proposed solar farm, opposite BW Riddle’s scrapyard would have 49,588 PV panels in 57 rows with the capacity to generate up to 12.5MW of energy a year.

The proposed project would be more than twice the size of the 30-acre solar farm at Limes Farm in Spalding Road, Bourne which was plugged into the National Grid by developers Lark Energy in April.

The land where the nearly 50,000 ground mounted PV panels is planned for, flanks the River Eau and is currently open agricultural land.

Mosscliff Environmental has submitted a screening opinion pre-planning application to South Kesteven District Council.

Applicants are given feedback about the feasibility of their projects and what is required for a full planning application, including whether an environment impact assessment is required.

A response to the screening opinion is expected by the end of the month.

Mosscliff Environmental states in its application the purpose of the development is to meet Government targets of generating 30 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2020 as set out in 2009 by the Renewable Energy Strategy set by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.